Small dietary changes to lose weight faster

small dietary changes to lose weight

Most of us look at taking bigger steps in losing weight. If you sensibly start taking small steps, you will be able to achieve a greater weight loss. Yes, it is important to take big steps but at the same time making small changes in your diet will help you in losing kilos.

Indians have become health conscious and want to lead a healthy lifestyle by exercising and having a good diet. Let us look at some easy ways to make our diet more nutritious and healthy.


It is important to replace your milk consumption with fat free milk. Most of us have milk in various forms such as tea, coffee, curds, buttermilk or plain milk. Just by making this switch, you can reduce your weight by around 2kgs to 3kgs.

Reduce Oil, Ghee and Butter

If you reduce oil, ghee and butter in your daily diet, it will clearly show in your weight loss.

Some of the things that you can do are listed below –

  • Make your chapatti without ghee or butter. Assuming you eat a minimum of 4 chapatti’s a day, you can easily reduce upto 7kgs a year.
  • Do not apply butter on your toast or brown bread. It will drastically reduce your bad cholesterol.
  • In sandwiches, avoid using butter and replace it with mint or coriander chutney and you will easily reduce upto 3kgs a year.
  • Reduce the use of ghee in your diet.

  Avoid sugar and sweets

Sugar is one of the biggest unhealthy components in our diet. The more you eliminate sugar, the healthier your diet becomes.

Some of the things that you can do are listed below:

  • Never eat cone ice creams as cones are made of flour and sugar. Having ice cream in a cup easily saves you 100 calories at a time.
  • Always share your desert. The less you eat, the fewer the calories.
  • Avoid putting sugar in your tea or coffee. It will reduce the risk of diabetes and will increase the life of your pancreas. Remember your taste buds will adjust shortly after this change.
  • Eat full fruits and avoid having canned fruit juices. Some fruit juices have a high glycemic index, which spikes your blood sugar and stores fat.
  • Avoid sweets and sugary foods.

 Replace white rice with brown rice

Rice is the staple diet of most Indians. Replacing white rice with brown or red rice makes it more healthy and nutritional.

Beans and Lentils

Beans and lentils are rich in protein. They are termed as weight loss foods. They fill your stomach and so reduce hunger. The soluble fibres also help reduce the triglycerides and the cholesterol level in the body.


Garlic should be included in any weight loss diet. It reduces the appetite and cholesterol. It also maintains the blood sugar level in the body.

Leafy vegetables

Ensure that you have leafy vegetables in your diet. Spinach, fenugreek leaves, drumstick leaves, mustard leaves etc are easily available and are high in fibre and folate. These vegetables are also high in water content and low in calories.

Cabbage, lettuce and broccoli are also considered as some of the best weight loss foods.

Dressing on salads

Have healthy dressings like lemon juice, vinegar, black salt, hung curd etc., instead of mayo and other oil dressings.

Tea time snacks

Every Indian likes to have the traditional Khari biscuit (flaky pastry biscuit) with their tea. One small Khari has 100 calories and avoiding it will reduce around 4kgs every year. Switch to healthy snacks like fruits, nuts and seeds.


Cucumbers are rich in water content. They help fill your stomach without adding extra calories. Such foods should be eaten in your daily diet.

Avoid eating leftovers from your children’s plate.

This is for mothers who try to finish the leftovers from their children’s plate. The only thing it does is to add piles of kilos on the body. Ensure that you do not fall in this trap of eating leftovers.


Spices like cinnamon, turmeric, ginger, cloves, cumin seed etc., also help in weight reduction. Adding spices will not only give your food a good flavour but will also help in reducing weight.


Hydrate your body sufficiently by drinking plenty of water. Water flushes out the toxins from the body and helps in keeping your body healthy.

In conclusion, we would like to state that by adopting small changes in your day to day diet will ensure that you lead a healthy lifestyle.

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