Natural Ways To Whiten your Teeth

natural ways to whiten the teeth

Everyone loves a bright and healthy smile but no one likes yellow or discolored teeth. Teeth dis-coloration is a natural part of the aging process, just like wrinkles. Eating healthy food can go a long way in ensuring that your teeth stay white for years to come.

In today’s article we will share some easy to do homemade remedies that will whiten your teeth, make your smile look more beautiful and give you the extra confidence to go out and face the world full of challenges.

Some of the easy homemade remedies to naturally whiten your teeth are:

1. Eat Strawberries

strawberries natural teeth whitening
There is evidence that strawberries can help whiten teeth as they contain an enzyme called malic acid besides vitamin C. Malic acid primarily helps clean stains. Mashing a few strawberries and brushing your teeth once or twice a week can have positive results. Also by simply eating strawberries and making sure you chew on them can have the same effect.

2. Eat plenty of Fruits and Veggies

crunchy apples natural teeth whitening
Apples, celery, radish,beet and carrots are all great for your teeth.Crunchy fruits or vegetables act like a natural toothbrush. Simply chewing these fruits or vegetables helps remove the excess food and bacteria from your mouth. Apples in particular contain malic acid, which is also found in strawberries (and most of the teeth whitening products). Also consume a lot of milk and milk based products as they increase pH levels and strengthen the teeth enamel to give you a beautiful smile.

3.Oil Pulling

Olive oil natural teeth whitening
Oil pulling is an Indian remedy used primarily to enhance oral health and cleanse the body of toxins. Oil pulling is the act of swishing oil (Olive or Coconut) in the mouth for up to 20 minutes. The amount of time spent swishing is important as it has to be long enough to remove the bacteria and plaque. The oil will get thicker as it gets mixed with saliva. At first, it may be difficult to do this for 20 minutes, but you can start with 10 minutes and then gradually increase. Rinse well with warm water to remove any remaining oil from the mouth. Some sources recommend swishing with warm salt water.

4. Baking Soda and Lemon

Baking soda natural teeth whitening
This is one of the most popular home remedies for natural teeth whitening as this acts as a natural bleaching agent. Lime juice reacts with sodium bicarbonate (baking soda) to produce the desired effect. A word of caution – only brush once a week with this solution, as using it too frequently could wear off the teeth’s enamel.

5. Fruit Peel

banana peel natural teeth whitening
Fruit Peel is great for the whitening of teeth. Rub your teeth with the inside of a banana peel or an orange peel. The peel is rich in various nutrients like Vitamin C, magnesium and potassium, which enhances the enamel. Brush your teeth a few minutes later and use the peel at least twice a week for better results.

6. Apple cider vinegar

Apple cider vinegar natural teeth whitening
Give your teeth a nice rub with apple cider vinegar and then rinse your teeth thoroughly. By repeating this action for a few days, you are sure to get that beautiful white smile.
In extreme cases, where the teeth are yellow/brown then please seek out a dentist .But for those looking to brighten up their smile and keep away the stains, the above home remedies do work.

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  1. PDsouza 2 years ago

    These are really some of the simple homemade things you can try…am sure next time I will eat more strawberries and crunchy fruits just keeping this in mind. thanxs.

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