How to take care of your nails

Women love to take care of their nails as having well kept nails enhances their overall personality and makes them more attractive to the opposite sex.


Healthy nails are:

  • Uniform in colour: free of discolouration and white spots
  • Smooth: without any dents and grooves

A well trained doctor will be able to gauge your overall health by just looking at your nails. If your nails are discoloured, dark, thick or thin, swollen it is time to visit a dermatologist.

Damage to nails can be reduced by taking proper care. Some tips on how to take good care of your nails are found below:

Nails should be dry and clean

Your nails should be dry, clean and trimmed regularly. This prevents bacteria and dirt from accumulating under your nails. Keep in mind that constant contact with water can split your fingernails.


Regularly trim your nails and keep them clean. The best way is to cut straight across and then round the tips in a gentle curve. Remember to do this immediately after your bath as your nails are soft.



Moisturize your fingers and cuticles along with your hands. This helps to prevent cracking and peeling of the nail and skin.

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Use Gloves

Use gloves while gardening, washing dishes or while using harsh chemicals. It will protect your nails and cuticles from damage.

Avoid using your fingernails as tools

Avoid using fingernails to pick, poke or pry things open. These will lead to nail damage.

Apply appropriate nail polish

Use nail polish to coat the nail and to protect it from breaking and splitting. Apply thin coats of nail polish to retain moisture.

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Avoid over use of nail polish remover

Minimise the use of nail polish remover and choose the one which is acetone free. Acetone dries out the nail. Hence be careful while choosing your nail care products.

Biting nails or picking cuticles should be avoided

Avoid biting nails as it can damage them. A small cut near your fingernail can allow bacteria or fungi to penetrate and cause an infection.

Clean the nail cutter and other tools



Always clean the nail clutter and other tools before actual usage. They need to be cleaned properly and sterilized as they can cause infection.

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Following the tips provided above will greatly improve your overall nail health and will enhance your beauty.

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