Losing your life partner – More than just money

In my previous 2-3 articles, I did share my thoughts on single motherhood and before I conclude on this topic, I would like to share my thoughts on one very important aspect in everyone’s life, be it a single mom, working mom or a professional mom working in the Corporate world.

One must never ignore the fact that money does play a vital part in our life’s.

There are many so called philanthropists who say that “money is not everything”, but at the end of the day, when one feels the pinch in their pocket like someone waiting on the footpath outside a cafeteria hoping that a kind soul would offer them a cup of tea, it leads me to believe that“yes, money is not everything but without it, we cannot by anything”.

All over the world, the power of money has had a very strong influence, right from the era of barter exchange to the ancient kingdoms of Egypt, the World Wars and also in today’s techno savvy world, money plays a vital role in our day to day life. In olden days, most monetary matters were handled by men whereas women were mainly aligned to do household jobs. It was a common belief that handling of financial matters was the domain of men only. There was no entry for women in this so called restricted area. Women were made to believe that their only job was to be responsible for running the household and to raise children.

Over the years, the role of women has changed. Today irrespective of caste, creed or religion, both men and women share the financial responsibilities of the home.

To all single moms out there, just remember that monetary freedom is critical for emotional comfort. As a single mother, however financially secure one maybe, if you do not deal with your money wisely, everything could go haywire.

The first and most important step in managing your funds is to understand and take charge of your financial condition, no matter how bleak the same may be. While running household chores, many a time you become a victim of financial pitfalls and this disrupts your plan in become financially independent. At times, you tend to spend more on monthly groceries and there are times also when you feel emotionally weak and develop a sense of guilt of not spending enough on your kid’s requirements.

You must avoid such situations and be firm and practical with your attitude towards money and learn the difference between money matters and money myths.

Just because you are working in a corporate office and handling your company’s financial matters confidently, it does not mean that you are addressing your own money matters realistically. I have seen many high profile women professionals who are extremely adept at handling their office matters but when it comes to take care of their personal finances and investments, very often they tend to be emotionally laid back or try to take the support of their male partner.

Once you grasp the technique of balancing your money matters with discipline, tolerance and determination, you will surely understand how your financial independence could help you in making decisions that are in your best interest.

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