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Most of us buy our rain wear without thinking much about it. Rain is loved by almost all. The magic of the first rains will always bring back nostalgic memories of having a hot cup of tea with nice spicy pakodas or other fried food items. This year the monsoons were on time and brought a welcome respite to all of us who were struggling from the severe summer heat.

The rains have been consistent and the constant downpour has literally brought the city to standstill at times. Most of us need to step outside the house despite forecasts and warnings of heavy rains. Monsoons are also a very good time to explore the green carpeted western ghats, beaches and popular hill stations.

Sporadic downpours are the main characteristic of this season. This can also be a damper on your sightseeing plans. So you need to improvise and be creative while travelling in the monsoon.

Here’s a list of some tips that you can keep in mind while travelling in the rains.

1. You need to dress appropriately.

It is a known fact that if you are travelling in the monsoon, no matter how good your umbrella or raincoat is, you will still be drenched at some point of time. It would be advisable to opt for loose fitting and light clothing which dry easily. This is a time wherein you will encounter lot of dust and dirt while walking in puddles, so it is good to use old clothes which can also be discarded if worn out.

2. Your main weapon for this season is your rain gear.

It can be your umbrella, raincoat or rainy shoes. There are various types of umbrella’s and rain gears available in the market.You can buy interesting umbrellas at affordable prices which suit your personality. For e.g.

• Automatic open push button umbrellas.
• Magic umbrella’s which changes colour every time it comes in contact with water.
• Heart shaped frill umbrellas if you really love the monsoon.
• Upside down brollies. These are the latest fashion umbrellas wherein the design stops the water from dripping on you as it opens in the reverse side. It is travel friendly also, as when you close it, the wet side goes inside. Also it stands on its own and you don’t need a bucket to store it.
• Remember the most important thing is that the umbrella should be strong and sturdy to give you good protection from the strong winds and rains.

There are many different types of rain coats with animal print like Zebra, leopard or tiger prints.

3. You need a plastic bag to cover your belongings.

Have a water-resistant bag for your valuables such as cameras, phones,credit cards and medicines.

4. Sturdy rainy shoes .

It is important to put sturdy rainy shoes with good rubber soles. This will help prevent any fall or slip.

5. Carry an extra set of clothes.

It will be very unpleasant to sit in air conditioning when you are fully wet. So it is important to carry an extra set of dry clothes in which you can change and be comfortable.

6. Street food is most tempting in the rainy season.

Remember thatstreet food and outside food should be completely avoided. Due to contamination of food and water, stomach upsets are on rise. It is better to be careful and eat home cooked meals. So no matter how tempted you are to have hot vadapav’s, pakoda’s and other street food,

You need to completely resist the temptation. These are forbidden food in the monsoon season.

7. Always carry necessary things like mosquito repellents, anti-itch creams and disinfectants.

If you are planning to go on a trek or some tent outings, then a mosquito net would be advisable. Also power outages are very common in hills station so a flash light would be a good option.

8. Remember to see the news.

Always while travelling in monsoon keep an eye on the news. There may be cases of flooding, diversion of traffic due to falling trees or extreme downpour. News will give you information to stay away from rain hard hit areas.

9. Be careful of potholes and manholes.

Remember to be careful of flooded streets with open manholes and deep potholes.

10. Be extremely careful while driving.

Long drives in the monsoon can be exciting but with rain hitting on your windshield continuously, it’s time to be careful behind the wheel. It is better to drive slowly then to repent later.

So friends, the monsoon time is a great time to enjoy and explore nature, but it is also a time to be cautious and safe. It is up to you to make your monsoon travel safe and memorable.

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