Monsoon Health Tips

Monsoon Health Tips

In this article, we will talk about Monsoon Health Tips. We all love the monsoon season as it brings life and greenery around us. The smell of the earth after the first rains is simply amazing. Rains cool down the environment and gives us respite from the intense summer heat.  

However, it is also important to note that the monsoon is a season for many infections as well, such as diarrhoea, indigestion etc. Water stagnation increases diseases like dengue and malaria. Viral infections also spread easily during the monsoon season. We need to take good care in the monsoon season, especially in a country like India.

Monsoon Health Tips – To Help You Stay Fit During the Rains

1. Eat plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables, especially (seasonal) ones.

Most of the diseases caused during the monsoon season is through water or air. So it is important to avoid roadside food and eat more fresh fruits and vegetables. Fruits and vegetables help to boost our energy levels.

Choose fruits like pears, mangoes, pomegranates, bananas, apples, plums, peaches etc., as they are loaded with vitamins and nutrients.

You can also include vegetables like bitter gourd, fenugreek leaves, gooseberry(amla), neem etc., in your diet. These help in keeping rashes, allergies and skin infections away.

It would be good to stay away from spicy and salty foods as these normally lead to skin allergies and irritation. In the monsoon season, the humidity is very high in the environment and the ability to digest is low. It is good to eat healthy foods prepared at home.

2. Hydrate your body with clean and purified water.

In the monsoon, there are many waterborne diseases caused by waterborne bacteria. The best way to avoid these diseases is to drink boiled water. Sometimes filtered or purified water does not kill all the germs.

3. Boost your immunity.

Most diseases attack our body due to low immunity. There are many foods and natural remedies that increase our immunity levels. Adding garlic and ginger to your soup will not only add flavour but also increase immunity. Using different types of herbs and spices like turmeric, cinnamon, cardamom, cloves etc., will help in enhancing our immunity levels.

4. Keep your homes and surroundings clean without any water stagnation.

Stagnant water gives rise to many diseases like malaria and dengue. It is important to throw away unused water in tanks, water coolers or even flower pots. It would be good to use the mosquito net or mosquito repellent while sleeping.

5. Eat good and healthy food.

The dampness and dirt in the environment make it easy for the germs and bacteria to cause diseases such as viral fever, typhoid, gastrointestinal disorders, dengue, malaria etc.

Some of the important tips to follow for a healthy diet are listed below –

  • Eat plenty of fruits and vegetables.
  • Avoid road side food.
  • Eat wholesome food like whole grains, brown rice, oats etc.
  • Eat more yoghurt instead of milk.
  • Avoid spicy and salty foods.
  • It is good to avoid naturally sour foods like tamarind, tomatoes, lime etc., as it increases water retention.
  • Reduce the intake of meat and fish.
  • It is good to eat boiled and steamed vegetables instead of eating them raw.
  • Eat seasonal fruits and vegetables.
  • Drink lots of hot soups, broths and herbal tea as they help in boosting the immune system.
  • Wash and clean your food items like fruits, vegetables and meat properly as the same might be infested with germs.

6. Take good care of your personal hygiene.

Most viruses enters the body through the mouth, eyes, nose etc. and thus it is important to use a handkerchief or tissue paper to clean your face.

Some pointers to help you –

  • Wash your hands and legs before dinner.
  • Avoid walking in dirty rainwater as it can lead to fungal diseases on the feet. Wash your feet with clean water after coming from outside.
  • Use proper rain gear like a raincoat, umbrella and proper rainy shoes.
  • Dry yourself well with a towel and carry an extra pair of clothes.
  • Dry your feet with a towel. Do not continue to wear wet shoes and socks as it will lead to infections.
  • Wash your body twice a day.
  • Use loose synthetic clothing which will help your clothes dry faster.

Hope you have enjoyed reading this article on Monsoon Health Tips

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