How to Talk to Your Child About Sex

ow to Talk to Your Child About Sex

In today’s world,our children are exposed to a lot of information on sex via the Media viz.the TV and the Internet. They may be able to get a lot of information from these sources.But the best place for a child to learn about sex is at home from their parents who care for them the most. It is very important for parents to talk about this subject, as most of the information that a child receives is not from reliable or mature sources.In this article we talk about How to Talk to Your Child About Sex.

Remember, never to wait for a child to come and ask you about their changing body. It is always advisable to start early and initiate discussions and address any doubts or queries. Most parents are unable to understand the right age for starting these conversations.

How to Talk to Your Child About Sex

1. Sex Education

The best place for learning sex education is at home and the best person to impart this knowledge is you as a parent.

2.Sensitive topic.

This is a sensitive topic and it must be dealt with extreme care and understanding.

3. Communication.

It is important to initiate discussions and conversations in a fair manner without diluting the importance of this knowledge

.4. Answer all questions.

Never ignore any queries or curious questions from your children. In reality, most children learn about sex from everyone else but their parents and this leads to a lot of wrong and misinformation which can be dangerous. Remember any one can give basic information about sex like anatomy, physiology, infectious diseases and contraception, but only you as a parent can put this information in a proper context and in the right perspective, which in turn is based on a sound moral and ethical framework.

5. No cear cut guidlines but make it more adaptive to your situation.

There are no clear cut guidelines or formula in carrying out this assignment. Both parents need to make this discussion comfortable and meaningful to the child. It’s time your child learnt about this information from mature and trusted sources.

6. Give proper Information.

Remember giving your child proper information on sex will not rob them of their innocence. Innocence is an attitude and is not information. At an appropriate age when a child is talked about the specifics of sex, they would understand sex in the proper context as an expression of love, creation of new life and this will help retain their innocence. But a child who has gathered wrong information about sex from wrong sources will have a corrupt, abusive and mocking attitude which will then be very difficult to change.

7. Do not be embarrased while discussing sex.

Ask this question to yourself. Do you feel embarrassed or inhibited about starting this discussion with your child. Then it’s time you address your own attitude and belief.For many, the uneasiness of talking about sex is the result of some bad deep rooted life experiences.You need to take counselling to address those issues.

8. Do not give all information at one time.

It will be too much for the child to handle at one go. Instead information should be given gradually and during many conversations, over a period of several years. In this way the child also develops an attitude of understanding, building ethical values, starts trusting and confiding in you. This subject is too important to be confined to just one single conversation.

9.Give them information about their body changes as there would be mental and physical changes that would happen to their body.

The signs of puberty in girls,is the development of pubic hair, under arm hair, breast development and menstruation. Most girls start getting their periods when they are 10 to 12 years old. But some girls start getting their periods from as early as 8 years or as late as 16 years. They need to be appropriately advised about wearing bra’s and sanitary pads. Personal hygiene should also be stressed upon.Some time when girls are not aware of their menstruation, they are scared at the sudden sight of blood which can be very traumatising.

Boys begin to go through puberty a little later than girls, usually around 10 years and above. They will start having a small facial hair i.e. mustache or a beard. Their voices also may change from a boyish voice to more masculine voice.

10. Life style choices.

Bad lifestyle choices such as eating too much of meat and dairy coming from synthetic hormones fed animals, have caused an onset of early puberty in girls. Girls are reaching puberty as early as eight years. Early puberty affects girls emotionally and socially as they are not mentally or physically capable of handling these changes in their body.

You can keep your child away from external sources of hormones or testosterone in prescription medications and dietary supplements. Avoid junk foods and maintain a healthy exercise regime. Inculcate the healthy habit of eating a good diet filled with lots of fresh fruits and vegetables.Try to keep junk food away and send them to play outdoors consistently.

Hope you liked the article How to Talk to Your Child About Sex.

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