How to Stop Worrying so much

How to Stop Worrying so much

The world is moving at a very fast pace and we seem to be always running against time to meet deadlines. In the entire process, there will be moments when we will be worried and anxious. Worry leads to anxiety, which eventually has a big impact on our mental peace and happiness.  It leads to anxiety and this takes a toll on our sleep, stress and immune system. In this article, we talk about How to Stop Worrying so much.

Worry comes from constant negative thoughts, which become an unending cycle, leading to anxiety. Someone had wonderfully said “Worry does not empty tomorrow of its sorrow. It empties today of its strength.

How to Stop Worrying so much

Try not to worry about things.

It is important to make an effort to stay positive. There will be many occasions wherein you will be faced with unwarranted situations and in these times it is important to stay calm and positive.

It is said that most of the things we worry about have not yet happened at all in our life. And a few things that did happen were definitely not as painful and terrible as it was anticipated.

So the key thing is not to make your mind a stronghold of negative thoughts but to encourage yourself to be positive.

Be calm and think clearly.

Worries and anxiety is a result of fear in your life. When fear sets in, you tend to lack clarity and it becomes easy to get caught up with unending worry and negative thoughts.

This is the time you need to be calm and thinks clearly about what is the best that you can do should any untoward incident happens. It will surprise you that the moment you think clearly, you will not be as worried or anxious as you thought you would be. Fear sets your mind running wild with all negative and anxious thoughts.

So spending a few minutes in clear thinking will save your energy and suffering.

Write down your worries and anxieties.

It is always good to write down the things that worry you. Most times when we think, we are over cautious and think about too many things at the same time. Writing down things makes it easy as you can focus and concentrate on things that need your attention.

The best way to stop negative thoughts and worries is to write the things that worry you down and think clearly how to resolve them.

Do not take suggestions and counsel of many people.

When faced with a worrying situation, you are bound to ask for counsel from people around you. Many times this advice or counsel will be very different to what you may be thinking as a solution and this will further confuse you.

Today, people are addicted to social media and discuss almost every event of their life on Facebook, whats up etc. As a result, they receive different types of feedback and advice, which make them more worried and anxious about the situation at hand.

Avoid this situation by taking counsel only from a few wise and trusted people around you.

Do your regular exercise.

It is now even more important to keep yourself fit and healthy.  Ensure that you eat healthy food, go for your regular walks and have an exercise schedule. Engaging in positive activities like exercising can help distract you from the traumatic or difficult experiences. It is not taking away the seriousness of the situation but helping you to find joy and peace in other things.

Have a regular prayer time.

Prayer is communicating with God, our creator. Seek your strength and solace from God. In my case, reading bible verses appropriate to my situation is a great source of hope and strength.

Once you understand the unconditional love of God, it will replace your worries and anxieties with his peace and strength. Meditating on bible verses gives me a sense of calm and peace.

Be clear in your communication.

Many a time people assume things, leading to confusion and misunderstanding. It is important to be clear in your communication and ask what you want or expect. Once things are clear, it leads to easy and happy relationships. Either you know that things will get done or they will not get done. People prefer open communication in order to avoid conflicts and negativity.

Spend more time in the present moment rather than living in the past or worrying about the future.

Most of us either live in the past or worry about the future. We spend too much time thinking about what has happened or what will happen to us.

It’s time to slow down, live in the present and enjoy the present moments. Go for morning walks, take time to see and enjoy things that are happening in the present.

Enjoy the morning sunrise, the birds chirping or even catching up on things you like to do for e.g. any lost forgotten hobby. It will help you to live in the present and keep you relaxed. Disconnect yourself from any worrying or anxious thoughts.

Finally, we all know that we are bound to face tough and difficult situations, which will make us anxious and worried and it will depend on how we react to these situations. If we have a positive outlook and approach, then we are bound to overcome these difficult situations without getting overwhelmed by them. So today, make a decision to try and avoid getting worried and to be peaceful at all the times. It is a choice that you make and eventually, it will become a good positive habit.

Hope you enjoyed this article How to Stop Worrying so much.

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