How To Setup a Home Office

How To Setup a Home Office

Due to the advancement in technology, more and more people are trying to work from home. Many people prefer working from home to avoid the commute time and to save their energy. Research also indicates that productivity is higher among people working from home. Many organizations are also offering “work from home” options. In this article, we show you How To Setup a Home Office.

Many small time businesses and freelancers already have home offices from where they operate. Whether you work in an office or from home, it is important to function as efficiently as possible.

How To Setup a Home Office

Set up your office away from the living area

It is important to set up your office in a quiet corner or room away from the living area. This will help you focus and concentrate on your work.

Position your desk near the window or any area with good light

You can position your desk near the window to have good ventilation and light. People who have standalone houses can also set up their office in their backyard, which is quite peaceful surrounded by greenery and natural light.

Arranging your office equipment

Arrange all your necessary equipment like your laptop, phone, and power points within easy reach. Keep enough space on your desktop to comfortably work.

Keep a dedicated work schedule

It is important to remain focused and keep a dedicated work schedule which is adhered to. It is important to discipline yourself and achieve target deadlines and daily timelines. Your children and those around you need to respect your work time. Whenever you have any calls, your children need to understand that they should not disturb you. In this way, there will be discipline in the house.

Minimise clutter

It is important to keep your work area clutter-free. The floor area and the work area need to be completely organized and clutter-free.

Use proper lighting in the work area

If you work at night, then ensure that there is good lighting, which will help minimize the strain on your eyes.

Design your office layout and make it simple

When you design your office layout, keep it simple. Some of the things to be kept in mind while designing your office layout are listed below.

  1. Check out how often you will need each piece of equipment. Keep essential equipment within easy reach.
  2. Use areas away from your desk to store items that you rarely need.
  3. Utilise your space cleverly for  e,g. a triangular corner. tables.
  4. Mount items like the telephone and lamps to save space.
  5. Keep trolleys for daily use items. Push the trolley under your desk when you are finished with your work.

Keep appropriate stationery for use

Keep only as much stationary as you will need currently. The rest should be stored appropriately.

Use appropriate shelves and other furniture

You can use the top of the cupboards for keeping lightweight items, not frequently used. Shelves can be made to store books, files, etc.

Keep a display board to keep track of your daily tasks

Ensure that you have a display board in front of you to keep a track of all your daily tasks and schedules. Make inexpensive pin boards with cardboards.

Ensure that your office space is clean and properly maintained

Keep aside a set time for cleaning your office equipment. Some of the things that need to be done are listed below:

  1. Keep your computer dust free. Wipe the screen every day with an anti-static cloth. Keep your computer and keyboard covered after use. 
  2. Clean your telephone regularly with a soft cloth

Find out the best technology that suits you

Always try to take advantage of technology to avoid the space crunch and other things.

Add indoor house plants to give a green touch in your work area.

Plants release oxygen which in turn improves the air quality in the room. You can have a small indoor plant in the corner of the room, to give it a new look and freshness.

Having a good posture while working

Ensure that you have a good chair which will give you a good posture to do your work. Take regular breaks to exercise your muscles and relax your eyes. You can rest your mind by taking small strolls or doing some other household activity. These are some easy tips which could help you in setting up a home office.

Hope you like this article How To Setup a Home Office. Please read our earlier article on Home Maintenance.

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