How To Clean Your Make Up Brushes At Home

Take Care pf Makeup Accesories

Most women have their own cosmetic and beauty products, which get worn out or dried up over a period of time. These products are also too expensive to throw away. Most bottles and jars can be recycled, while their contents can often be mixed with water and oil to rehydrate them and prolong their use. In this article we talk about How To Clean Your Make Up Brushes At Home.

How To Clean Your Make Up Brushes At Home


Some of the easy ways to store and prolong the life of cosmetics are given below.

Nail Polish

You can soften the hardened nail polish by placing the bottle in a bowl of hot water to return it to its original consistency. It is good to keep your nail polish in the refrigerator in order to prevent it from thickening.

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Lip stick

To mend a broken lipstick, heat the two ends over a flame until they melt enough to be stuck together again and then cool the lipstick in the refrigerator.


Use a pipette to pour a couple of drops of hot water into a tube of mascara that is almost finished. Swivel the brush around to mix it well. This will soften the dried-out mascara which can be then used.


Always buy a trial size of a new perfume to see if it suits you, before purchasing a standard sized bottle. Always store the perfume in a cool dark place away from the exposure of heat. It is interesting to know that oily skin holds perfume better than dry skin, so rub a little Vaseline on your skin before applying perfume.

Other Cosmetic Care


To stop the bottles from falling in the drawer, cut circles in the lids of small cardboard boxes and place the bottles in the holes.

Stuck Stoppers

If a stopper on a glass bottle is stuck, then pour a little vegetable oil on it. Hold the bottle near warm heat and tap gently around until the stopper loosens.

Makeup brushes

To keep makeup brushes soft, wash them in hair conditioner occasionally.

Eye brow pencils

Put eyebrow pencils in the refrigerator for a while before sharpening them. They will be less likely to break.

Face toner and moisturizing cream

Keep the face toners and moisturizing cream in the refrigerator, if the weather is hot. They will be refreshing to use and those that have natural ingredients will remain fresh for a longer time.

Natural Beauty

You can create natural beauty treatments by using different fruits and vegetables. These homemade treatments will be cheaper and kinder to your skin.

Scenting bath

Fill a net bag with fresh lemon skins and hang it over your tap and let the water run through it to fill the bucket or your bath tub. The oils in the lemon are good for your skin and the fragrance will give the water a delicious scent.

Tired puffy eyes

Treat tired puffy eyes by holding a slice of peeled raw potato or a cucumber slice or wet green tea bags.

Thick Eyelashes

Encourage eyelash growth by dabbing castor oil on your eyes at the night. Avoid allowing the oil to run into your eyes.

White teeth

Instead of toothpaste, use soda bicarbonate for whiter teeth. To remove the stubborn stains of tobacco etc., dip your toothbrush in mashed strawberries and brush your teeth thoroughly. You can rinse your mouth with warm salt water.

Fresh breath

To sweeten your breath, chew fresh mint or parsley.

Eliminating food odour

Baking soda helps to get rid of unpleasant odours from shoes and feet. Sprinkle it in your shoes.

Hands and Nail care

Always wear rubber gloves for your household tasks like washing, cleaning etc., as they will protect your hands and nails from becoming dry and damaged.

Nail care.

Strong Nails

Strengthen your nails by soaking your fingertips in warm water and soda bicarbonate for about 10 minutes, once a week.

Softening Cuticles

Soak cuticles in a bowl of warm olive oil to soften them. Push them gently back with a cotton wool bud. Use a little vitamin E cream to regularly coat the cuticles.

Cleaning hands

Hands that are grimy can be cleaned by massaging them in a thick paste of oatmeal and water. Use lemon juice for skin whitening and removing stains and strong food odours like fish etc.

Hand Lotion

Make your own hand lotion from two parts of glycerine and one part of lemon juice. Soften your rough feet and hands by rubbing them in equal proportions of cooking oil and granulated sugar.

Varnishing Nails

Wipe your nails with vinegar before you apply nail polish. This will help the nail polish to stay on for a longer period of time.

Skin Care

Sun burn.

Pat the Skin that has sunburns with a cold wet tea bag and dab the area with cider vinegar. You can also apply yoghurt to ease the pain.

Make a cleansing scrub by adding granulated sugar to regular cream cleanser or even the lather of your beauty soap. This will serve as an economical homemade scrub, which will exfoliate the rough areas of the skin.

Body Lotion

You can make a home-made body lotion with equal proportions of glycerine and rosewater. For a skin softener, you can put a handful of oatmeal in the bath water to smoothen and soften the skin. Scrub the skin with avocado, which will soften and lubricate your skin. You can also use lemon skins to whiten them.

Milk Bath

Put a bowl of milk in your bath water for softening your skin.

These are some easy tips to take care of your beauty and also enable you to make homemade cosmetics, which will save you a lot of money. These tips are a natural and more healthy way of taking care of your beauty.

Hope you enjoyed this article How To Clean Your Make Up Brushes At Home. Please read our article Top beauty tips for glowing skin.
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