How to be role models for your children

 How to be role models for your children

Children are great observers and they immediately imitate what they see in people around them. Parents have the huge responsibility of raising their children in the right way. Today, Parenting is very challenging as you have to deal with children who are exposed to different things very early on in life. In this post, we will show you How to be role models for your children.

In any situation, it is important that parents be good role models so that it becomes easy for children to follow them. There are many things that you cannot tell your children, but when they observe you doing certain things diligently, then they can easily follow them.

Some of the behaviors that are easily learned by children, good and bad, are listed below :

Some of the good behaviors followed by children are listed below :

  • Children who have been raised right, have high self-esteem and good self-confidence.
  • Children who have been positively encouraged follow in their parent’s profession such as doctors, lawyers, teachers etc.
  • Children whose parents have happy marriages, tend to have happy marriages themselves.
  • Children of parents who have done very well in academics, will themselves do well in academics as they see the importance of it.

Some of the bad behaviors are listed below :

  • People who smoke, take drugs or abuse alcohol are likely to have children who will follow in their footsteps.
  • Children who experience anger, domestic violence or abuse are more likely to follow the same.

 How to be role models for your children

1. Living a healthy lifestyle.

This is one of the most important habits that you can instill in your children. Following a healthy lifestyle on a day to day basis will encourage children to eat healthily, exercise regularly etc. Research has indicated that children of healthy parents are more healthy, while parents who binge and eat unhealthy foods have to deal with obesity in their children.

2. Show respect and compassion to others.

Parenting has become very difficult in today’s world. Children who observe a great amount of disrespect around them feel that it is fine to be disrespectful.

It is important to teach your children to respect their parents, elders, and everyone around them. The best way to do this is by doing it yourself. Be respectful to the people around you, even when you disagree.

Further parents need to listen to their children and hear them out. This will make them good listeners in the future. The best leaders are good listeners and less talkers.

3. Teach them about self-control and decision making.

Self-control by parents is one of the key things that need to be followed at home. If you are in control of your emotions when things go wrong, then they are bound to follow in your footsteps. Keeping your anger and your usage of wrong words under control is the key thing. All of us get upset and angry at some point in time, but it is important to be in control of our emotions.

Further, you can also share with your children your past experiences, mistakes, victories, and learning’s from different situations. This will help your children to understand that it is fine to commit mistakes and learn from them. They will also understand the victories received due to bold decision making.

4. Hard work.

It is important to instill the importance of hard work in your children. Teach them to do things on time for e.g. completing studies on time or even exercising regularly etc. If you always do things on time, then your children will also be encouraged to do things on time.

Children observe your hardworking nature and will be encouraged to follow you as they see the good results of hard work. Teach your children to always do things on time and be prompt in doing their work and not delaying it. If you respect your time commitments, then your children will also try and respect time. If you are always late for assignments, then you cannot expect your children to do things on time.

5. Always review your own attitude and behavior regularly.

If you want to be a positive role model, then you need to review your own attitudes and behavior. Some of the things are listed below –

  • How do you handle anxiety, stress, and frustration?
  • How do you respond to challenges and problems?
  • How do you control anger or emotions?
  • How do you treat others i.e How do you treat your family members, poor people or even strangers etc?
  • How do you take care of yourself such as the food you eat, exercise you do and other such commitments?
  • How do you show tolerance and respect towards others?
  • What is the tone of your voice and the words you use in difficult situations?

6. Show compassion by volunteering and serving others.

It is important to show compassion by volunteering and serving others. When you volunteer, you show your children how to be generous, kind-hearted and peaceful. Teach your children to have a sacrificial attitude and how to address the needs of others.

7. Try and be forgiving in mistakes.

It is important to know that we all commit mistakes.  Both, you and your children will commit mistakes. It is important to be forgiving and to deal with the situation calmly.

Some of the things you can do when you commit mistake are listed below :

  • Acknowledge the mistake.
  • Accept your responsibility and apologize for the same.
  • Find ways to amend the mistake.
  • In the future be careful to avoid the same mistake.

If your children commit mistakes, be forgiving towards them. This will help them also to be forgiving towards others.

These are some tips to help you become an effective role model. The right kind of moulding will bring out the best in your child. Good role models make lifelong impressions, which go into building a child’s character and making them responsible adults.

Hope you have enjoyed reading this article on How to be role models for your children.

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