Health Benefits Of Papaya

Health Benefits of Papaya

Papaya is one of the most healthy fruit to be eaten. It is loaded with antioxidants, vitamins, minerals which are essential for our body. It has a different taste and so you need to develop a taste for it. Though not everyone will like it in the first instance, it is highly recommended due to its enormous benefits.  A bowl of fresh papaya every morning can do wonders to your health. There are many health benefits of papaya seeds as well. In today’s post we will talk in depth about the Health Benefits Of Papaya.

It is said that Christopher Columbus called it “Fruit of the angels” due to its unique taste. Papaya is grown in almost all the parts of the world. Papaya consists of an enzyme called papain which breaks down the tough protein chains found in muscle meat. No wonder it is used traditionally to tenderize meat.

Papaya is normally eaten raw when it is ripe. Unripe papaya is cooked and eaten due to its high latex content. The main element of nutrition is papain which is found in Papaya. Further, it also consists of a healthy antioxidant called as lycopene (a type of carotenoid). Let us look at some of the health benefits of Papaya.

Health Benefits Of Papaya

1. Papaya is good for heart health.

Papaya is loaded with vitamin C and lycopene which helps in preventing heart disease. It also helps in increasing the good cholesterol level of the heart. It also helps in preventing the oxidation of cholesterol which stops clogging of blood vessels and reduces heart attacks.

2. Papaya helps in reducing inflammation in the body.

Inflammation in the body is the cause of many diseases. Since papaya is high in carotenoids, they help in reducing inflammation. It also contains various enzymes like papain which helps in fighting inflammation and promotes healing.

3. Papaya helps fight cancer and reduces cancer risk.

It has lycopene which helps in reducing the risk of cancer. It further helps in reducing the free radicals thereby reducing the impact of cancer. The high antioxidant properties help in reducing oxidative damage and have high anticancer agents. The carotenoids found in papaya help in neutralising the free radicals thereby causing no harm to the body.

4. Papaya helps in improving digestion.

The enzyme called papain present in papaya helps in improving digestion. People suffering from constipation, piles or irritable bowel syndrome are advised to eat papaya for relief. Papaya leaves and seeds are also helpful in treating ulcers. A glass of papaya juice is highly recommended for people suffering from constipation.

5. Papaya is good for diabetic patients.

Research has indicated that consumption of raw papaya helps in controlling blood sugar level and cholesterol due to its high fibre content. Eating fermented papaya also helps in prevention of diabetes.

In some part of India especially in the northeast, the bitter flowers of papaya are sautéed lightly in little oil and consumed as a side dish on a regular basis.

6. Papaya helps in increasing immunity.

It is loaded with vitamin A, C, K etc and is known to be an excellent immunity booster. A  bowl of freshly cut papaya can fulfil your daily requirement of vitamins. It also helps in losing weight and so should be included in your daily diet.

7. Papaya is good for arthritis.

It is loaded with calcium, potassium, copper, magnesium etc. All these minerals help in preventing arthritis and even controlling it. Arthritis patients should include it in their regular diet.

8. Papaya is good for the skin.

Papaya has a whole lot of benefits for the skin. Some of the important benefits of papaya for the skin are listed below –

  • Moisturises the skin and makes it look toned and youthful. Mix 1 tbsp. of honey along with 1tbsp of papaya and apply in on your skin for 30 minutes. Rinse it with cold water to get smooth skin
  • It clears the pigmentation and dark spots on the skin. Apply papaya juice with the help of cotton balls.
  • Further, it reduces free radical damage thereby reducing wrinkles and sagging skin. Rub the inside of the papaya peel all over your face and neck and then rinse it after 30 minutes.
  • Due to the presence of lycopene, it helps in reducing skin redness from sun exposure or suntan. It also helps in reducing dark circles around the eyes. Apply mashed green papaya paste around the dark circles since it is a natural bleaching agent. The abundance of vitamin A and C helps in lightening your skin and removing the tan.
  • It also helps in controlling acne break out. Papaya leaves, skin and seeds also help in reducing the blemishes or scars.
  • It is a natural skin cleanser and so it used in most natural fruit facial.

9. Papaya benefits for hair.

Papaya has good benefits for the hair. It helps in giving you long and healthy hair. Some of the benefits are listed below:

  • It helps in stimulating good hair growth. Due to the presence of folic acid, it helps in improving circulation to the hair follicles and promotes hair growth.
  • It controls dandruff. The antifungal properties of papaya seeds help to control dandruff.
  • It is a natural conditioner. Due to the presence of vitamin A, which helps in the production of sebum which keeps your hair conditioned.

Papaya is a very versatile fruit and can be cooked in different ways. You can eat it ripe or cooked. You can eat it in salads, smoothies, juices, deserts, chutney etc. Raw papaya paste is used to tenderise meat. The leaves and flowers are sautéed and eaten along with some spices as a vegetable. The seeds are used to add spice or flavour to any dish.

These are some of the amazing Health Benefits Of Papaya. Hope you enjoyed this article. Please like and subscribe to our newsletter below.

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