Fun Christmas Ideas for the Family

Fun Christmas Ideas for the Family

Christmas is that time of the year when the entire family plans to meet. The season itself gives you a feeling of joy and happiness. There is great importance attached to celebrating Christmas along with family members. There are also a lot of traditions associated with Christmas and many families cherish these family traditions. In today’s post, we will talk about some Fun Christmas Ideas for the Family.

Fun Christmas Ideas for the Family

Below are some great ideas that you consider to make your Christmas more meaningful.

1. Christmas is all about spending time with the family.

Today, most families are nuclear families and hardly get any time to spend with the extended members of their family. Christmas is a good time when all the extended members of the family plan, come together and spend time with each other. Many families look forward to this annual get together, which helps them to stay connected.

Every family has a unique way of celebrating Christmas. It is influenced by family traditions, values, ethnicity, history etc. Youngsters get an opportunity to know, understand and value the importance of Christmas.

2. Sharing the importance and significance of Christmas.

In today’s materialistic world, Christmas is all about sweets, gifts and having a fun time with family and friends. Though there is nothing wrong in this celebration, we forget the meaning and significance of Christmas.

In many families even today, the day of Christmas starts with Worship and Prayer. Christmas is celebrated as the birthday of our Lord Jesus Christ who came to this world to save us from our sins. Lord Jesus Christ is the son of God who came on earth, died and was risen on the third day and gave us eternal life through his supreme sacrifice. 

Children are told stories about the birth of Christ, the meaning of why Lord Jesus was born and his life story. This is an integral part of Christmas celebrations and many families start their Christmas day with prayer and worship.

Singing Christmas carols which depict the events surrounding the birth of Lord Jesus Christ are an integral part of Christmas celebrations. Families gather together and sing carols, which brings out the joy and spirit of Christmas.

3. Exchanging gifts and presents with family members.

Gifts are popularly associated with Christmas. People like exchanging gifts with their friends and family members. It is important to understand that your gifts represent your love and affection and should not be valued according to the price of the gift.

Try and manage your budget by choosing gifts which can are unique, homemade and which will be appreciated by the receiver. Most of the time the gifts which are handmade get the most appreciation.

There are also many relevant and usable gifts that you can give to people. For grandparents, you can give them a walking stick or if they are suffering from blood pressure then you could give them a home blood pressure checking kit etc.

4. Volunteer your free time.

Christmas is also a time of showing great love and care to those who are poor, lonely, weak and unloved. The essence and the true spirit of Christmas is to go out of your way and spend time with the ones who don’t have anybody to love them.

Many churches and their congregations take time to volunteer in orphanages, old age homes and on streets by distributing sweets, clothes, carol singing and other acts of charity and love.

If you have young children at home then get them involved in random acts of kindness and charity. This will give them a life lesson to be selfless and help the underprivileged, which will also mould them into responsible adults.

5. Christmas decorations.

Decorating the house for Christmas is an important part of Christmas celebrations. You will see houses decorated with lights, a Christmas tree, different beautiful ornaments and hangings on the Christmas tree. Many people also put up a wreath i.e. a decorated circle made out of pine branches but today it is made up of artificial green leaves.

You can also have a small crib depicting the birth of Jesus and the nativity scene. You can have storytelling and carol singing by the children of the family, wherein they can display the nativity scene in a drama.

6. Christmas meal.

Good food is an important part of Christmas. Christmas time is a feast time and so decide in advance the dishes that are to be made on that day. Almost every family will have their traditional Christmas dish, the recipe of which has been handed down from generation to generation.

If you have less time for preparation, then you can pre-order food from outside while you make a few dishes at home Take help from family and friends who are visiting, in order to keep things ready. Do not wait until the last minute, but make a proper list of the things to be made and the approximate time involved in the same.

Some of the ideas for Christmas dishes are roast chicken, roast turkey, meat dishes, Christmas sweets like marzipan, marshmallows, rum and raisin cake, fruit cake, guava cheese etc. Make a combination of the dishes that your family members will enjoy and relish.

7. You can also arrange to do some family activities together.

If you have a big place or a farmhouse then you can also organize fun-filled games, activities like fishing, trekking, barbeque party, carol singing etc. You can relive old memories by spending time with the extended members of the family and in doing things that give you pleasure and enjoyment.

Finally, Christmas is a season to spread joy and happiness to all your loved ones, family members and also to those who are lonely. Please use the 7 ideas in this article Fun Christmas Ideas for the Family to bring your family closer together. Take a moment and spend time with the lonely, the poor and the unloved. God loves a heart that is giving and loving others, as the bible says God is love. So this Christmas spend time with your family as well as with the lonely and uncared people around you.

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