Fitness Tips For Moms

Fitness Tips For Moms

Mothers have one of the toughest jobs in the world. They are so involved in taking care of their children and family that they rarely find time for themselves. They are so hard pressed for time that 24 hours seems to be less for them.  In this post we talk about the Top Fitness Tips For Moms.

Mothers of young toddlers rarely get time to even go to bathroom undisturbed. That’s the reality. Now how do you keep yourself fit in the midst of so much activity and lack of time? In fact, there are still many ways that can help you stay fit. All you need is a little thought and you can then be able to coordinate your timings to get some fitness time into your schedule.

Fitness Tips For Moms

Today we will look at some of the Top ways for mothers to keep themselves fit –

1. Try to do Time Management properly

Every mother will have some free time, either when the child is asleep or has gone for their music classes, school or sports practice or any other scheduled activity. You need to squeeze in your fitness regime during this time. If you are at home, then you can do indoor exercises which can help you stay fit. If you are waiting outside to drop or pick up your child, then you can do brisk walking or climb up and down the stairs or do skipping etc. You need to find an exercise activity which suits your time and place.

2. Plan out your schedule in advance

It is important to plan out your daily schedule well in advance. This will clearly give you an idea of your lean time and busy time in the day. You can then adjust your exercise regime into your daily schedule. It is important to remain focused and diligent in your exercise regime. Most of the time mothers are so tired that they are demotivated and do not want to pursue their scheduled exercise regime.

Once you are motivated to follow a daily exercise schedule, then it becomes a habit and you will be diligent in following it.

3. Get your family to help you in finding some time for yourself

In case it is difficult for you to find any time for yourself, then it is good to take some family support and help. You can ask your husband to take care of the children for some time during the day. If you have good parental support, then it will help you to squeeze out some exercise time for yourself.

Close family and friends can help in shouldering your parenting responsibility. You can approach them for help. Most of them will be more than happy to help. Remember this lack of time is only for the initial growing up years. Once children grow big, they are able to do most of their things themselves and they become busy with their school routine. So do not get overwhelmed and just take one day at a time. Exercise will help you to stay physically and mentally fit, as you will get some time for yourself, which is much needed.

4. Schedule your exercise time early morning, if you are an early riser

Many mothers who are fitness enthusiasts will keep aside the first part of the day for their exercise routine. In this way, you start your day on a positive note filled with energy. Also your exercising gets done before your children and other family members wake up.

5. Plan out your exercise schedule

Once you have set aside time for doing your exercise, it is time to plan out in detail what exercises you would be doing.  If you have a 30 minutes workout session, give time for warm-ups, push-ups and other exercises. Plan out in detail how many minutes you would spend on each of these exercises. Further plan out your exercises targeting a particular body part. For e.g  try and do more tummy exercises, if you are trying to lose belly fat etc.

6. Try and include your children in your workout time

This is one of the best ways of keeping yourself fit. You can take your children to the garden and play with them or you can do brisk walk while taking rounds with your child in the pram. If you have girls, then teaching them skipping would be a great exercise. For boys, playing soccer or just running behind them will do you good. Exercise need not be done in the gym or in any particular set up. As long as your body gets a good workout, any activity would do you good. Children also enjoy running, playing badminton, swimming, skipping, playing tennis and doing other things with family members.

7. Do not be demotivated if you are not able to exercise due to an emergency

Many a time you will not be able to follow your exercise routine as there will be emergencies such as days when your child is sick or throwing tantrums or due to any other other unavoidable circumstances. It is important to know that is just fine to miss your exercise regime on these days. Do not over stress yourself by exercising when you are already stressed out and tired. It is important to be motivated and follow the exercise regime in long run.

8. Adapt a healthy lifestyle

It is important to adapt a healthy lifestyle by eating right. Make a healthy choice for you and your family. For e.g., try and reduce salty and oily food, eat fresh food and avoid preservatives, avoid oily dressings for salads, cut down on sugar, sweets, noodles, pasta etc. Eat fresh foods like fruits, vegetables, fresh cottage cheese, lean meats, nuts etc.

9. Eat your meals on time

It is important to eat your meals on time. Do not skip breakfast, lunch or dinner. Have a scheduled time for having your meals. Always try and include healthy foods in your meals. Even if you are very busy, take a small break and have your meals on time.

These are some easy and simple ways for mothers to keep themselves fit and healthy. Remember you have to be innovative to find out ways and means to exercise in your given circumstances. If there is a will, then there is a way.

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