Fitness Resolutions

Smart Fitness Resolutions for 2017

As the year starts, everyone makes one resolution or another, in different areas of their life. Everyone wants to change for the better and lead a positive healthy life. To say fit and healthy is one of the most common and popular resolutions made by young and old alike. It is interesting to know that everyone has good intentions and makes New Year resolutions, but very few are able to stick to them. In this article we talk about Fitness Resolutions.

Fitness Resolutions

Set realistic and Smart goals

Understand the current state of your body and then decide on your fitness and exercise regime. Most people want to lose weight too fast and get into a strenuous fitness schedule, which may be detrimental to their health.

You need to understand your current weight and give yourself a reasonable time frame in which you can work towards losing weight. Set a target goal keeping in mind different aspects. It would be advisable to take the advice of your fitness instructor, who would design an exercise schedule and monitor your progress.

Clearly keep deadlines

A clear cut deadline schedule will keep you motivated to stay on track. Do not overstretch and keep tough deadlines which are very difficult to achieve. As you keep achieving these milestones in terms of losing weight, you will be constantly encouraged to work hard and meet your goals.

Get a good partner to workout with

A friend or a workout buddy will keep on motivating you to complete your exercise schedule. This would keep you motivated to get up early and go to the gym.

There are many gyms that offer discounted and free membership at the start of the year. You can encourage your  friend to start the fitness journey together.

Inform your family and friends about your resolution and regularly update them

When you make your resolution public on social media, like face book etc. then you will work harder to keep yourself fit. Most of the time people will keep asking you about the progress made, your weight updates etc.

Make your exercise regime a fun activity

If you enjoy skipping or swimming then make your fitness schedule revolve around the areas you like. If you like walking or jogging then you should be concentrating on the same. Don’t force yourself into activities you don’t like as it will not keep you motivated for long.

Reward yourself on achievement of your milestones

A good lunch, dinner, a nice dress or anything that motivates you, should be your reward on achieving your deadlines. Make a complete plan with has a vision, goals, deadlines and rewards. It will help you stay focussed and move on when the going gets tough and you want to drop off.

Always have a fitness time schedule

You need to keep a particular time fixed for your daily exercise. Everyday discipline will help you work on a scheduled time and keep you on track. You can start by making a three month fitness schedule.

Eating healthy is the core of your fitness

As you work out, it is important not to snack on oily and sugary foods. Avoid fruit juices, soda and other aerated products. Maintain a healthy meal plan and schedule for eating regularly. Have your pre-workout and post-workout meals planned.

Keep yourself hydrated by drinking lots of water or fresh lime juice.

Let us also look at some at some easy squat exercises to get you started, as part of your fitness schedule

Almost every exercise helps in toning your body. Squats is one of the most popular exercises which helps in strengthening the lower body, knees, thighs, hips and improves flexibility.

Squatting helps in the following areas:

It reduces the cellulite or fat around the waist 

The stretching helps in enhanced circulation which reduces the cellulite around the hips and thighs.

Clear and better digestion 

A full squat compresses the lower abs and thighs and creates a weight loss for your body.

Toned legs and a better butt 

Squatting is one of the most recommended exercises for your lower body and legs. It helps you in putting appropriate pressure on the muscles of your legs.

Without putting much pressure on your back, squatting helps to tone and firm up your butt.

These are some smart tips for making your fitness resolution a success in 2017.

Hope you enjoy this article on Fitness Resolutions. Please read our other fitness articles.

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