Effective Workouts for Weight Loss

Effective Workouts for Weight Loss

One of the best ways to keep fit is to have a good daily exercise regime. These exercises should include all the muscles of your body. Remember a fit and alert mind needs a fit body so you will require a lot of motivation, inspiration and determination to keep doing your daily exercises. In this article we talk about Effective Workouts for Weight Loss.

Effective Workouts for Weight Loss

  1. Decide a time for exercising. Most people prefer mornings because they are fresh and also because an empty stomach forces the body to use the fat reserves. Exercising in the morning also helps in burning calories throughout the day.
  2. If you are a beginner, start off gently by doing some easy exercises, but be persistent about it.
  3. Always do warm up and cool down exercises for at least five minutes to bring back your heart rate to normal. Warming up helps you avoid injuries while cooling down helps you to avoid muscle stiffness and a sudden drop in body temperature.
  4. When you have pain, never workout as it will aggravate the pain.
  5. Drink plenty of water and hydrate yourself to prevent dehydration.
  6. Never do exercises fast or in a hurry. It is quality that matters not the quantity.

Some additional pointsfor an Effective Workout are:

  1. Wear appropriate clothing that allows you to exercise properly.
  2. If there is any discomfort while exercising, you need to immediately stop and take a break.
  3. Correct breathing is very important while exercising. You need to breathe through your nose slowly and breathe out slowly through your mouth. Regularly breathe in and out and don’t hold your breath.
  4. While doing exercises which need you to use your arms and legs, remember that you need to keep your elbows and knees slightly bent (soft) to avoid any injury.
  5. The spine should be neutral. Some exercises will need you to keep the spine neutral, meaning that your spine should be in right position to get better results. In the neutral position, the ankles, hips and shoulders should be aligned properly. Each side of the body should carry an equal weight and the muscles also should be relaxed.
  6. Good posture will make all exercises easier and effective. Good posture results from your spine maintaining its natural curve without sagging. You can test your posture by standing on one leg and you should not wobble but be able to balance. Make sure your shoulders are relaxed, roll them backwards once in a while and they will come back to their natural resting place. Your stomach muscles also should be pulled in nice and tight.

Let’s understand a little bit more about warming up and cooling down.

Warming up

The warm-up exercises will help you release any tension held in your mind and body before you start your exercise session. The stretch up warm up exercises helps to mobilise the muscles in preparation for more demanding exercises.  Some of the things that a good warm up session does are:

  1. It loosens the muscles and joints to do more strenuous exercises.
  2. It helps to increase the heart rate causing the blood to pump faster in the body.
  3. Warm up exercises should include stretching of all parts of the body and muscles to make them ready for the workout.
  4. Warm up exercises should last for around 7- 10 minutes.
  5. If you are a beginner, then you can just do warm up exercises for a week or so till your body gets accustomed to the exercise regime. Do not try to do any exercise move too fast or too far, else you might just hurt yourself.

Cooling Down

Most people just ignore the cooling down process after exercising. Remember cooling down is as important as warming up. It is important for the body to cool down properly after you have finished the gruelling exercise regime. The main objective of cooling down is to return the body back to the pre- exercise level.  Some of the important points to be noted while cooling down are:

  1. You need to give around 7- 10 minutes to cool down the body with the cooling down exercises.
  2. It helps in post exercise muscle soreness.
  3. It helps the muscles to align and repair themselves after the exercises.
  4. Stretching exercises form a part of the cooling down exercises and increases your flexibility.
  5. Cooling down helps to tone your body, so you tend to look slimmer.
  6. It helps you to have a good posture.
  7. Now you are slowing down the body with stretching exercises. You can also use this time to meditate on positive thoughts and encouraging words and pictures which will result in a positive frame of mind, the entire day.

So these are some of the easy tips to be kept in mind while scheduling your exercise regime.

Hope you enjoyed this article on Effective Workouts for Weight Loss.

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