The DIY Indoor Herb Garden

The DIY Indoor Herb Garden

Fresh herbs always add good flavour and aroma to food. If you enjoy cooking and want to learn how to grow an indoor herb garden then you have come to the right place. In this article, we will be discussing ways to construct The DIY Indoor Herb Garden.

Growing your own herbs is more affordable than buying them from your local grocery shop or supermarket and it also gives you a sense of satisfaction when you get to chop your own fresh herbs and sprinkle it on your daily food. A common misconception that one has is the need for a large open space to grow a herb garden. Even if you live in a one bedroom apartment and just have a tiny balcony, you will be able to grow a lot of herbs if the conditions are favourable. Some of the common herbs grown indoors are mint, rosemary, Oregano, chives and thymes.


Below are some of the important things you need to know before you start your own herb garden

DIY Herb Garden Essentials


A herb garden needs light, so a window or a balcony which gets around 6 to 7 hours of sunlight is a must for your herb garden. If you find your herbs are growing long stems but only a few leaves, then your plant is not getting enough sunlight. Also, make sure that you change the direction of the flower pot, so that the entire plant is exposed to sunlight evenly.


Watering your herbs is very important but there are some plants which require more water than others. For example, Rosemary does not require a lot of water while Basil does. It is good to do your own research and learn about the plants you are trying to grow. Also, make sure that you do not overwater the plants as this can cause permanent damage. Overwatering will cause the plant leaves to turn yellow. To make sure you do not damage the plants before watering, insert your finger into the soil to check whether it is dry. Only if it is dry then water the plant. Do not forget to add drainage holes to the flower pot so that the excess water does not accumulate and thus get drained easily.

Buy plants from a Nursery

If you’re new to herb gardening, then you might want to purchase small starter plants from your local nursery. You might also want to purchase some organic fertilizers, growth promoters, some black alluvial soil from the Nursery.

Select a good pot

There are different types of pots that you can use to grow your herb garden. Terracotta pots are very popular for growing herbs and indoor plants. The pot you select should be deep enough to promote proper root development  i.e  around 6-12 inches deep. You can also purchase cheap plastic pots, however, in the long run, the terracotta pots do much better.

Select good soil from a Nursery

Herbs and plants are very vulnerable to soil-borne diseases so it is essential to use the right kind of soil in your herb garden. If you are just starting out you might want to purchase soil from your local nursery. Keep in mind that the soil should be a lightweight mix, this allows the water to drain easily. First, add around 3 inches of soil for the 1st layer and then place your plant gently in it and then add the remaining soil. An inch and half should be left on the top of the plant for watering comfortably.

herbal tea

For more information on how to grow your own herb gardens please feel free to check out this Dummies book on gardening.

Hope you enjoyed this primer on how to build The DIY Indoor Herb Garden.

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