Christmas Decoration Ideas For Kids

Christmas Decoration Ideas For Kids

It is Christmas time and everybody wants to get into the Christmas mood by getting involved in the preparations. Decorating the house with a Christmas tree and other unique Christmas decorations help us in creating a warm and Christmas friendly environment. In this article we talk about Christmas Decoration Ideas For Kids.

Christmas Decoration Ideas For Kids

Today, let us take a look at some easy and cheap Christmas decoration ideas that can be done by involving your children.

Filling baskets and bowls all around the house.

Small children can fill baskets or small beautiful bowls with beads, small coloured stones, pine cones or other decorative ornaments. These bowls can be kept on Windows, centre tables or near any decorative cutlery display.

Decorate the children’s bedroom.

Your children can decorate their bedroom windows by sticking paper snowflakes on the windows or by sticking Christmas themed thermocol items on windows, doors and on walls.

They can also have their own small Christmas tree on their study table, fully lighted and decorated.

Get creative and remove your craft items.

It is a good time to get your child to draw, color and cut out Christmas themed decorations. There are many DIY Christmas themed decoration kits which can be easily used. Children are excited to use their creativity and make advent calendars as the countdown for Christmas begins.

They can make a homemade Christmas wreath, reindeer cards, Christmas lanterns or door hangers etc.

Use lights and scented candles.

Many of us like to place lights all around the house. We can put lights on the plants in our garden and also inside the house. You can add a nice aromatic touch by lighting some aromatic candles to give a nice unique look and feel around the house.

Be careful of children and place the candles at places beyond the reach of young children. You can also try battery operated LED candles for safety. The Christmas lights and garlands are one of the favourites of the season.

Buy ribbons and pre-made bows.

You can buy red, golden or silver coloured ribbons in good quantity. These can be used on your Christmas trees or while tying your curtains or attaching the bows on door handles and also for tying your gifts.

Buying or making Holly and Mistletoes.

You can buy holly, mistletoe and other green items from your Christmas tree decoration vendor. These are cheap and easy to assemble. You can get some cheap Christmas decorations and lights online as well.

Do the Christmas baking and cooking with your children.

If you have young children then you can ask them to make star shaped cookies or any other shaped cookies from dough. Older children can help you in cutting, washing and getting the ingredients ready for the main Christmas meal.

Baking the traditional Christmas cake is a fun activity in our house. Children like to add nuts, raisins and mix other items in the cake. Involve your children in the cooking of the main Christmas meal as they will enjoy the entire process. They are more likely to enjoy the food that they have helped to cook.

Decorating the crib.

Most of the houses today have readymade crib sets. You can make it attractive by making decorations like small stars or putting some hay in the manger. Encourage your children to bring out their creativity in setting the crib. Give them a table with a green or white table cloth. Layer it with some mud and hay to give it a good manger effect. Ask them to do the entire setting with the sheep, baby Jesus, Joseph, Mary, shepherds and the three kings etc.

Setting up the Christmas meal table.

You can involve your older children to set up the Christmas meal. They can clean and arrange the cutlery, napkins, baskets, bowls and other food items.

Finally, it is a time of sharing and joy. Involve your children in creating the Christmas environment in your house. The above are some easy tips for decorating the house with the help of your children.

Hope you enjoyed this article Christmas Decoration Ideas For Kids. Please read our earlier article Getting Ready for Christmas.

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