Checklist to have a hassle free, moving of house

Checklist to have a hassle free, moving of house

Moving into a new home can be a very troublesome and daunting task. On one hand you are excited to go to your new house, while on other hand there are too many details that need your attention. It is very important to plan every stage of your move, so that you have sufficient time to finish all preparations.


Once you have finalized your plans to move your home, you need several weeks to make preparations, so that you will not be stressed out with the work, as the day to move out approaches.

Some of the important things that you need to be kept in mind while moving homes are listed below –

Make Inventory.

You make a list of the complete inventory of all the things you need to move to the new house.

Organise and list items.

List the items in proper groups, like crockery, computer accessories, clothes, furniture etc.

Label all the packed items.

Label all the packed items properly with the contents in the box. This will help to take care while transferring the items as well as unloading the items.


Check for an insurance policy which covers all possessions, especially if there is an overnight transit stop. Take photographs of all valuable objects, in case you need them for insurance claim.

Clean the items before packing.

It is important to clean the items before packing them.

Packing Fragile and valuable items.

Pack fragile items like crockery, computers, glass vases etc., with bubble wrap, cotton wool or newspaper. Put the items in a sturdy box and pad them well, to ensure that they are held securely in place.

Packing material.

It is important to have packing material handy in this process. Some of the packing materials are rope, adhesive labels, bubble wrap, marker pen, cardboard box, old newspapers, parcel tapes etc. Keep the labels visible with the name of the articles and the room to be shifted to.

Packing furniture.

Moving of furniture is one of the most arduous tasks. Furniture that can be dismantled is easy to move. The other furniture needs to be properly wrapped. Fill the empty space in cupboards with soft and bulky objects like beddings, quilts, pillows, sleeping and bed linen etc.

Packing clothes.

Ideally keep the clothes only in the ward robe, unless it is too heavy to be lifted. It is also a good idea to pack your clothes in the travel bags, for easy transportation.

Make arrangements to notify people about your move.

It is important to notify all the Banks, tax authorities, insurance companies, Utility companies like gas, electricity and telephone, local bodies like schools, post office etc. and personal contacts like family, friends, doctors, dentist and employers etc.

Coordinate with the Packers And the Movers.

Coordinate with the Packing and Moving company, to work out the details like:

  • The estimated cost of moving, by showing all the items that need to be transported along with the location.
  • Select a day and time, preferably week days to avoid traffic.
  • Show them the fragile items to be taken care of, while transporting.
  • Clearly show them the rooms, wherein the items have to be placed in the new house.

Loading of the items.

 Some more important points to be kept in mind while loading items are listed below:

  • Put the heavy items around the edges of the vehicle.
  • Put the boxes securely in between the heavy items.
  • Do not over load the vehicle. Check the maximum load capacity of the vehicle.
  • Carry your fragile items, ornaments and essential items with you.

These are some of the things that need to be kept in mind, for a hassle free house shifting.

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