Cheap Home Improvement Ideas

Cheap Home Improvement Ideas

All of us want our homes to look beautiful and nicely maintained. Whenever we decide to give a new fresh look to our house, managing within a budget is one of the main considerations. In this post, we talk about some Cheap Home Improvement Ideas.

Many give up their renovation or home décor plans because the budget for the same is too high. In reality, you don’t need to have a high budget for giving a new look to your home. There are lots of things which can be done well within your budget to give a new look to your home. 

Cheap Home Improvement Ideas

Let’s look at the top DIY  budget ideas to upgrade your home.

1. Paint your room.

Painting your house gives a completely new and fresh look to your house. If you are an avid DIY person then you can start by painting one room. You can take some expert advice on the net or through youtube tutorials. Many have clear cut instructions which are very easy to follow. Start with something small and as you become confident, you can start doing bigger rooms.

Select the colour according to taste, preference and the type of the room. There are various ideas available in selecting a paint. You can boost your creativity by thinking about mixing and matching colours in your bedroom or in any other small room. Plan properly and shop wisely at stores wherein you can get a good bargain.

2. Check out online furniture sales or exhibition sales.

These days you have many online furniture portals offering huge discounts on the sale of furniture. All you need is to plan and keep your list ready. Some  furniture or things which can  add that extra feel and punch to the interior décor of your house are listed below :

  • A unique side table which will accentuate the look of your living room.
  • Canvas or paintings will brighten your blank walls. If you have children who are good in art then you can frame their drawings or any other creativity.
  • Hanging unique plates of different colours, sizes and textures will enhance the wall look.
  • A relaxing armchair or a side corner made with a small bookshelf will help in making a small cosy reading corner in your house or balcony.
  • If you get a good discount then you can buy beds, good storage units and other furniture accessories on these portals. Sometimes the sale is as high as 60 to 70%, wherein the cost is well within a small budget.

3. Decorate your walls.

Instead of keeping your walls plain and simple, you can make a small photo gallery of all the unique photos of your family. These photos can be latest or old, wedding, vacation or any other happy memories. This will give a refreshing look to your living room. People feel nice when they encounter happy memories through photos as they enter the living room.

4. Surround yourself with green natural environment by having potted plants.

There are different types of indoor plants which can help in making your indoor house environment beautiful and healthy. NASA’s research findings state that many indoor plants like the peace lily, English ivy, Boston Fern, money plants etc help in reducing pollution.

You can keep these potted plants inside the house, hanging on the balcony, windows or any other convenient place. These are easy to maintain and help in purifying the air.

5. Keep unique things like shells, coloured stones etc in vases or bowls.

You can have small beautiful vases or bowls filled with smooth stones, sea shells or coloured stones etc. This gives your house a nice rustic and natural look.

6. Try and reflect your own unique style.

Your home should reflect your unique style. If you are an avid reader then you should have a small reading corner along with your small library. Stack up your books on bookshelves or even on the center table to give a distinct look. If you an art collector, then you can display the different art collections you have made over the years. Try and define your style and space by doing it up with colours or lighting that reflect your personality. Lampshades with neutral tones go well in all the rooms and should be used to enhance your interiors.

7. Scented candles.

Scented candles on a large coffee table enhance the look in your living room. Scented candles can also be used in your bedroom to give you a romantic, cosy and comfortable feel in the room. These candles are easily available and you can get great discounts while buying them online.

Dried perfumed flower petals of rose, lilies etc also can be kept in the vases to give a nice refreshing smell in the room.

8. Bed covers, cushions and pillows.

Having pillows and cushions on the sofas and beds are an intrinsic part of home décor. You can mix and match the cushion covers with your curtains and other furniture to enhance the interiors.  Cushion covers with floral designs or geometric designs can be paired with contrasting colours to match the décor.

All the rooms should have their own unique sense of style. For e.g., everything in your bedroom right from the curtains, bedcovers, pillows, paint and furniture should give a  soothing and relaxing feeling.

9. Do proper wiring  in your home.

All the wiring and lightning should be properly done with the help of an electrician. Maintain the house by regularly checking and changing plug points or switches. This is extremely important for the safety of the family.

 These are some of the top DIY budget ideas that can help you to change and renovate your house décor. These are cheap and non-expensive ideas which can fit into any budget.

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