Changing lives by teaching with EVidyaloka

Changing lives by teaching with evidyaloka

“Right to Education” is a fundamental right of every citizen of this country. However, the light of education has not been lit uniformly for many children residing in rural areas, owning to various factors such as the shortage of trained teachers or resource starved schools or even the inability of the kids in rural areas to attend school regularly due to commitments at home. Let’s see how EVidyaloka is changing lives by teaching with technology.

Let’s see how EVidyaloka is changing lives by teaching with technology.



School children in rural areas can benefit from interactions with educated people from various fields, given the knowledge and experience that the enlightened mind can share, which in turn can enable these children to look at things with a different perspective.


EVidyaloka Trust, an NGO, based in Bangalore is changing the lives of thousands of rural children by teaching with technology .

It has a mission to touch the lives of rural students across various states and thus creating a knowledgeable and empowered rural India.

It is connecting volunteers with various schools to conduct supplementary classes in English, Science and Mathematics using Skype. Volunteers from India and abroad have been associated with this trust to share their subject knowledge. The motivation to volunteer lies in the feeling of giving back to society and lighting the lamp of education in inquisitive young minds and this can be an extremely satisfying experience.

When I applied to volunteer with Evidyaloka as a science teacher for some school in Jharkhand, I was excited at the prospect of teaching in Hindi medium. The commitment was to dedicate two hours in a week and the on boarding process for the same was smooth.

Our team dealt with issues like slow or no internet connection, controlling the class from within a computer screen and dealing with students of the same class having varying levels of knowledge. Experience sharing enabled us to improvise our teaching methodologies and we learnt to establish a beautiful connection with the kids on the other side of our screens. I also created a mini laboratory in my study room to demonstrate some interesting science stuff.


I love the fact that Evidyaloka used technology to create an amazing platform for learners (who have to learn) and learners (who love to teach).

I have been teaching science to 6th and 7th grade children in Tikratoli and Sonbad villages in Jharkhand for the last three academic years. There, we had celebrated Teachers’ Day on Google Hangout and it was really exciting to be part of a group of beautiful minds, connecting from different corners of the globe. The video performance of the school kids for their teachers tugged at our collective heartstrings.

In one corner of my heart I have this desire (albeit a selfish one) that some-day a young professional will rush across to me at some public place and tell me that I was his/her Skype teacher!

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