Think and Speak Positively to impact your life

Think and Speak Positively to impact your life.

Words are the most powerful weapon in your mouth. As it is rightly said, words can make or break lives. Each one of us has the ability to impact lives with our words, so use them wisely.

It is necessary for us to understand that positive words are like seeds which are sown  to bring a positive harvest.  But is it so easy to have positive thoughts always and to speak positively? Though it is not easy, you have to train yourself to consciously adapt a lifestyle of positive thoughts.

Some of the key things that will help you to think and speak positively are listed below:

Use words like “We” and “us” instead of “ I “ and “Me”.

When we use words like “We” and “Us”, we show that we are concerned about other people. We want to include them in our life. We take care that we do not hurt their feelings. For e.g. instead of saying “I cannot come for lunch today”, we can easily say “Can we catch up some other time over coffee”. When we think of others just like the way we think of ourselves, then we are compassionate.

Have a positive approach in life.

I just love the quote “A pessimist sees the difficulty in every opportunity, while an optimist sees the opportunity in every difficulty“ by Winston Churchill. To be positive is a choice that we make in life .This positive attitude will take us through the most difficult times in our lives.

Remember in a negative atmosphere, you will always feel heavy and burdened. Being negative about a problem is not going to resolve it. Always think, is the problem really a problem or is it the way you view it as a problem. As soon as our view point becomes negative, we lose our joy and peace. The challenges and difficulties in life will become worse if your attitude is negative. But if you choose to be peaceful and joyful in times of trouble then you will receive strength and comfort from God. This strength will definitely change the environment around you.

Control your mouth.

If we closely observe how God has made us, we will understand this deeper truth. We have two eyes , two ears , to see and hear more but only one mouth to speak. Speak less and only when necessary. Now this is easier said than done. You need to have a disciplined approach by understanding this simple fact .You  cannot not say whatever you want to say and whenever you want to say. Remember negative words are used to gossip, judge, criticize, complain and murmur etc. None of these things will result in anything good for you or the other person.

A lot of problems are rooted in our own words. I love the Bible proverb which says that “The power of life and death is in the tongue and so we will see the results of our words “. So ensure that you speak life to yourself and to all those around you.

Use kind and appreciative words.

The heart is the source of all good things. If you have a good and kind heart, then your thoughts and actions will be in line with your heart. Right believing leads to right living. If you believe in positive words of encouragement, kindness, appreciation and compassion, then it is more likely that you will live what you believe and it will reflect in the life that you lead. A soft and compassionate heart is a healing heart.

Be kind in your words and ways as it will increase positive energy and thoughts in your life. When we were small and till today, children are taught the three Golden words viz., Sorry, Please and Thank You. These are really golden polite words which can change any difficult situation.

Make an effort to think positive thoughts.

It is very important, that you cultivate a lifestyle of thinking positively. It will not come in a day but it is a continuous process of self discipline and love .You  will have to make a conscious effort to check who sits (which thoughts ) in the cockpit (brain) of your body. As we know, a pilot is in charge of a plane and so it’s a pilot’s decision which will fly the plane safely. Your thoughts are the ones that are going to impact your joy and sadness. If you refuse to fear and dwell in negative thoughts, then there is no way that your joy can be taken away.

In my case, I regularly meditate on appropriate Bible verses, which helps to increase my faith and strengthen me. For e.g., if I need healing in my body, I reflect on healing verses and if I need peace for my soul, then I reflect on those  appropriate verses. It is amazing how Gods word calms you down and helps you stay positive.

Avoid un-forgiveness and strife.

An unforgiving or strife filled heart will always have bitter and negative thoughts. This will result in negative words being spoken. The source of your words is your heart and your mind . Remove the un-forgiveness from your heart as it will remove the clutter in your life. By letting go, you are doing a favour on yourself, as now you will experience inner peace and joy. This will help you stay positively focussed. If you are the first to say sorry, it does not mean that you are weak but it means that you are exceptionally strong. Also you belong to a very small category of wise people in the world who have understood this deep revelation.

Have love for everybody.

This is one of the greatest and deepest truths. If we have love at the core of our heart, we will be able to say positive things and also have positive thoughts. Always speak the truth from your heart, but ensure that you speak with love, dignity and wisdom.

Somebody wisely said, “A tongue of a wise man is behind his heart and the heart of stupid man is behind his tongue “.

The above are some of the ways in which we can enhance the quality of our life powerfully, by having positive thoughts and using positive words for others and ourselves.

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