How to Care for Stressed Skin: Diet and Spa

How to Care for Stressed Skin _ Diet and Spa

Psychological stress can and often does trigger or aggravate a number of skin conditions, from acne to premature aging. This is a proven fact supported by a large amount of research, as can be seen from the review in the different inflammation and allergy drug targets. However, the issue doesn’t end there. Make-up, poor diet, bad grooming habits and chemicals in beauty products all put the skin under different kinds of stress and the result is that all those skin conditions become exponentially worse. Topical treatments aimed to deal with them cannot succeed against so many stress factors. Therefore if you truly want to look your best, you need to learn how to do a ‘skin stress relief’ program. This is a multi-tiered beauty plan which consists of a change in diet, appropriate skincare, and special beauty spa days. In this post we show you How to Care for Stressed Skin.

Stressed Skincare 101: Products You Need

Stressed skin is already struggling, and so it requires very gentle care. This means you need to cut down on beauty products in general and stick only to the basics. Go with the standard routine of cleansing and moisturizing and, yes, this means skipping the toner – unless you have oily skin and it really does help.

The most important thing is to use skincare products with mild formulas. The need is to reduce stress, so you should avoid irritants. The exact choice of products depends upon your skin type and any individual allergies. However, do be sure to study the labels and check the ingredients against  the list of potentially dangerous chemicals.

Spa Care and Pampering for Stressed Skin

Of course, the easiest way to de-stress your skin is to give it a ‘day off’, which means a day when you aren’t wearing makeup at all. In fact, following this and other basic beauty rules, such as getting ‘beauty sleep’ and exercising regularly, will improve your complexion to the point at which you will be able to forgo makeup completely. At the very least, you will be able to cut down on its use and thereby reduce the stress which your skin has to endure.

Thus the first step to de-stressing your skin is to skip makeup for no less than a day every week. That said, as you should know from personal experience a spa vacation always works better than a simple day off at home. So, turn this no make-up day into a spa pampering session for your skin.

Beauty treatments which you should enjoy during this time include:

1.      Opening your pores thoroughly

Start with deep relaxation and toxin removal.  Steam is the key to this. Exposing your skin to steamy treatments, such as you would find at a sauna or when taking a hot bath, opens your pores. Toxins and nasty things which clog your pores literally pour out of you as you sweat. If the pores are open wide, any beauty treatment that follows will get deeper into the skin layers and thus produce a better result.

2.      Exfoliation

Exfoliation is another effective method of opening up your pores. It removes the layer of dead skin cells, making your face smooth. Note that exfoliants with hard particles might be too harsh for stressed skin, in which case you can use enzyme-based light peels as a replacement. However, if your skin is sensitive it might be better to stick to steam and a light cleanser to remove whatever you sweat out from your skin.

3.      Nourishing

The final stage of an anti-stress facial spa is applying a brightening and/or energizing face mask. You can buy a suitable cosmetic product, or go for the more natural and healthier way and make your own. The efficiency of homemade beauty remedies has been established through many generations, and using these products will also help you to save a small fortune.

There are a variety of homemade face mask recipes for any skin type. You can always make personal adjustments to them based upon your own reactions to the remedy. The best anti-stress ingredients for homemade beauty products are:

  • Honey
  • Berries
  • Olive oil
  • Lemon juice
  • Greek yogurt
  • Oatmeal
  • Cucumber
  • Turmeric (for brightening, use sparingly)

These ingredients help to soothe stressed skin and provide it with a boost of antioxidants. Try different combos until you decide upon a perfect mix for you.

4.      Massage

Give yourself a  facial massage after you have washed off the mask. Use a light moisturizing cream when doing this. The massage will improve your circulation and skin tone.

Stressed Skin Diet: Make Your Beauty Shine from Within

Never forget that your diet has as much effect on skin health as does stress. In fact, poor diet contributes to the severity of stress damage because it weakens your natural defenses.

In order to prevent this and reduce the stress on your skin and body as a whole, it is necessary to eat a healthy well-balanced diet. Avoid processed foods and other products which fuel inflammation such as fatty cuts of red meat and sugary foods.

You should fill your diet with antioxidant-rich foods instead. Your meals should contain berries, as well as fresh fruits and vegetables as often as possible. Stick to meat which is lower in omega 6 fats, like poultry and lean beef, and eat more fatty fish, which is rich in omega 3 fatty acids which lower inflammation.

Overall, care for stressed skin is quite simple. Leading a healthy lifestyle which naturally lowers that stress can resolve many of your problems, and complementing it with special spa days and a gentle skincare routine will ensure you look naturally stunning.

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