Budget Travel Tips

Budget Travel Tips

Today’s world has become a smaller place. People are more open to travelling to different countries and different continents. Most of us would like to look out for a good bargain for our annual vacation. Many exotic places are not completely out of reach of today’s traveller. In today’s article we talk about Budget Travel Tips.

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Budget Travel Tips

Plan your travel well in advance.

When you plan in advance, you get good deals on your flights and hotel bookings. Sometimes it is cheaper to travel via a stopover flight rather than a direct flight to your final destination.

Searching on the net for different options, hotel discounts, flights etc., can give you a smart and cheap vacation. Most vacations need to be planned atleast 4 months in advance.

It is important to carry cash.

Many of the remote tourist destinations around the world may not have ATM or debit and credit card facilities. Carry some emergency cash in dollars or in local currency, of the destination that your are visiting. Sometimes you can strike a good bargain by paying in cash only.

Hotel room discounts.

Sometimes last minute travel also gets you high discounts, as high as a 60% discount for good hotels. Most of the hotels include buffet breakfast in their charges, which helps as you get a sumptuous breakfast before you start for the day.

Travelling in off-season can get you good discounts, which can literally save you a huge amount of money. Always ask for an upgrade while checking into the hotel. Most hotels are willing to upgrade their regular and loyal customers as they would like you to recommend their hotel to other potential customers.

If you are travelling with 3 to 4 people, then consider taking a suite or family room.

Most of the hotels will have suites, wherein you can easily accommodate 3 to 4 adults. You can share the cost with other roommates and thus it turns out to be much cheaper.

luggage, suitcases, baggage

If you are staying in a place for more than a week, it would be good to rent a service apartment or other rental places.

You can find a lot of rental places on AirBnB, Wimdu, Oyo rooms, Home Away, and 9Flats etc. You can also find good rental places on some local sites catering to your destination.

Service and rental apartments will give you a kitchen facility, which you can use to cook your meals and bring down your costs drastically. The smallest change in your plan can affect your overall costs. If you are in a big group then hiring a bus or travelling in the off-season or early morning (odd hour flights) or even cheap destinations can reduce your costs.

Be creative and choose good destinations.

Most of the beach destinations are expensive, such as the Maldives, Seychelles, Mauritius etc. But if you want to enjoy a good beach then you can consider some serene and unexplored beaches like Kovalam, Goa beaches etc., which will give you the same thrill and excitement at a much lower cost. So plan your destination after comparing with some low cost destinations with offer the same feel.

Sign up for a credit card and also with loyalty sites.

Most of the credit cards in India offer a good amount of air miles for signing up for a credit card. You can accumulate these air miles and use them in future for your air travel.

Keep a track of your spending.

Most of the times when you are spending too much money, you lose track of how much is spent and where. This leads to excess expenditure. It is important to keep a note of the total money you have and the daily expenditure.

Keep your luggage light.

Most of the airlines charge for over luggage which is quite expensive. It is always advisable to keep your luggage light and avoid such expenses.

Some of the other things to be kept in mind are listed below –

  1. Always stand behind business travellers in the security line as they travel light and know all the formalities, which help in avoiding delays.
  2. Find out all the amenities that are provided in your flight. For e.g. free meals, more leg room, nice comfortable seats etc.
  3. Some cities provide good hostel facilities like the YMCA, YWCA etc., which provide you clean rooms with attached bathrooms and good subsidized food.
  4. Eat local food which will be must cheaper and fresh. In most places you can enjoy local restaurants with a good spread of local delicacies.
  5. Do not shop near tourist destinations. It will always be much costlier than the local markets.

These are the Top 9 Money saving tips for budget travel. In fact, any wise traveller can expect to take vacations throughout their lifetime as long as they take time in properly planning and scrutinizing the options for a well-budgeted and planned holiday.

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