Best Christmas Gift Ideas for your Niece or Nephew

Shopping for youngsters has never been easy for people of the older generation due to clash in wants and tastes. In this post we will talk about the  Best Christmas Gift Ideas for your Niece or Nephew.  We know they (uncles and aunts) mean well but in today’s world, spending money on something your nieces and nephews won’t put to good use does not seem thrifty. One obvious way of spending your money wisely would be to ask them what they would want as a Christmas present, but then this loses the element of surprise. Everybody sure does enjoy the happiness one gets with opening gifts placed under the Christmas tree on Christmas day. In order to maintain the joy and cheer Christmas calls for, I (who is someone’s niece too) give you Christmas gift ideas that your young relatives will surely enjoy. 

 Best Christmas Gift Ideas for your Niece or Nephew

1. Deluxe Art Set -Great Gift for Drawing and Painting

Know a youngster in your family who appreciates art supplies and loves to sketch and paint. Instead of gifting them a boring old colouring book and a few colours, how about you get them this easy to store, all in one deluxe creativity set. This comes in a wooden briefcase that gives it a very luxurious and festive feeling. You need not even wrap it up, all you have to do is buy it and place it under the tree.

It has a little bit of everything, be it a set of colour pencils, crayons to colour with, watercolours and other stationary necessary to make a masterpiece. This is a great gift for beginners in the field of art and for those who appreciate it.

Product include-

Sturdy wooden briefcase with locking system and handle
24 colour pencils
24 crayons
Set of 3 paint palettes with 8 colours respectively
2 paint brushes 
2 drawing pencils
1 each-Ruler, sharpener and eraser

Any niece or nephew that can’t stop drawing will enjoy this kit.

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2.All-New Kindle E-reader- 6”.

Every family has at least one avid reader.  In today’s fast paced life many youngsters have lost interest in reading as they find it boring. They have taken modern technological means such as social media and other such platforms. In order to merge reading with the modern technology, we have the invention known as the kindle. This merges the fictional world of books to the real technological world. In order to ensure that the new generation of your family continues to increase his/her vocabulary, gift them a kindle this Christmas.

A kindle is not only a good investment because of the amount of money you will save on recurring cost of hardcopy books but is also environmental friendly because it saves a lot of paper. The stories give the book its value and not the paper, be eco-friendly, get a kindle.

Features –

Touchscreen display 
No screen glare
Single battery charge lasts for weeks
Can store thousands of books

Con- None that I can think of.

Product details-

Product dimensions- 2.5×2.5×2.5cm; 159g

Warranty and service- Kindle is sold with a limited warranty of one year provided by the manufacturer. Use of Kindle is subject to the terms found here.

Products available in the box- Kindle, USB 2.0 charging cable and Quick Start Guide

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3. Steel Mechanix Build Your Own Racing Car Kit.

All relatives have great hopes and aspirations for the youngsters in their family to do well in life occupation wise. Keeping in mind the interest of your niece or nephew while buying gifts for them is very essential in helping them decide on their career later on in life and in ensuring that your gift will be used well. If your niece or nephew seems to show an affinity to building from her/his younger days then, gifting him a mechanix set is not only beneficial but is also very encouraging.

Mechanix set helps children to use applicative knowledge by reading the instructions and building the model. It provides them with a challenge. They have to complete in order to get the final product. Kids can also use this kit for science projects etc, in order to explain theories and different principles involved in science such as the principle of velocity.

Product information- 
Number of pieces- 108
Battery required- No
Product dimensions-  27.9×20.1×4.6cm

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4. Maybelline New York Gilded Makeup Kit Palette, Gold.

It is every young girls dream to try on products they see grownups use such as makeup. It is their way of feeling more like their mother or aunt whom they admire. Many grownups tend to buy kids makeup from unknown brands that can sometimes be very harmful to their skin. These so called kid’s makeup products never have any pigment and it’s basically useless for the amount you paid for it.

Instead of buying such unhealthy products you can products from reputed brands that you know is good for the skin and ischeaper than actual kids makeup. These brands have created a market for themselves and in no way want the bad publicity that bad makeup will bring. This Maybelline kit is on the smaller end and has the very essentials one must have as a starter kit such as face powder, eyeshadow and lip colour to name a few. This doesn’t include the complex aspects of makeup that the child isn’t ready for yet.

Always clarify with the parent of the respective child if they are fine with their child using such a product.

Product includes

Lip colour
Product dimensions- 9x9x9cm; 299g

Highly recommended and proposed for kids above 13.

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5. Play-Doh Fun Tub + Fun Factory Set.

Clay is every child’s favorite toy. Clay is a medium through which the young ones in your family can explore their creative an imaginative side by making whatever is in their little minds come to life by crafting it out through clay.. It helps in developing the child’s motor skills, the action of flattening and playing with clay is very calming and it develops hand-eye co-ordination. A child that loves making and breaking things will love this kit and the number of tools it provides.

This item comes with a play-doh clay kit to make various things with and a fun factory set with numerous tools that aid the youngster in his/her quest of creating things.

Product details-

No assembly required
No battery required
Item weight-1.32kg
Package dimensions-33 x 20.3 x 12.7 cm

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Bring joy this Christmas season by gifting your niece and nephew something from this list we have provided you. This is niece and nephew verified and will most definitely be loved by them. Do click on our links if any of the products mentioned here catches your fancy.

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