Benefits Of Volunteering In Your Community

Benefits Of Volunteering In Your Community

In this fast-moving world where everyone is struggling to manage their hectic schedules, there is very little encouragement for volunteering. Research has indicated that many lifestyle diseases like depression, anxiety and anger etc can actually be healed through the volunteering process. In this post, we talk about the Benefits Of Volunteering In Your Community.

Most of us feel that volunteering is for others and not for us. There are specific NGO’s which focus on volunteering and people who have a calling to do charity work are the ones chosen for volunteering. In reality, when you volunteer your time, money or energy, it not only helps the other person, but it also helps you as well.

Research has proved that volunteering helps in increasing happiness, contentment, peace and gives a sense of wellness of mind, soul and body. Whenever people suffering from depression, stress, anxiety etc., have tried volunteering, it has given them a whole new experience. This new experience has helped them become more healthy and stress-free.

Benefits Of Volunteering In Your Community

Now let us look at some of the top benefits of volunteering:

1.Volunteering helps in increasing happiness.

The Bible says that God loves a cheerful giver. A cheerful giver is someone who gives his money, time and talents for the benefit of others. We all have experienced it at some time or the other, whenever we do acts of charity or random acts of kindness, there is a sense of inner happiness and peace that fills our heart. This peace comes only from God.

Medical science has indicated that giving in any form increases the hormonal and brain activity, thereby getting pleasure and happiness. The more we give, the happier we feel.  It is more blessed to give than to receive.

2. Volunteering helps in giving relief to many diseases.

Many lifestyle diseases are directly related to bitterness, strife, unforgiveness, being self-centered and many other emotional bondages. When you volunteer, you tend to look at others needs and try to help others. This helps in removing the attention from yourself and focusing on others. In many wellness programs, helping others in need have healed many of their own diseases. When you are selfless and genuinely try to reach out and help others, your own problems seem too small in comparison and they disappear.

There are many real-life examples of people suffering from chronic pain being healed when they reached out and helped others, while some suffering from severe depression were healed when they started volunteering their time in neighborhood orphanages for teaching or cooking etc.

Loneliness and stress were completely wiped out when people started participating and diligently volunteering for charity services. Blood pressure and hypertension were found to be in control in people who regularly volunteer.

3. Volunteering is contagious and promotes positive behavior in others.

Most people who volunteer often share their experiences with others. They share their joy, happiness and sense of well being, which attracts others to contribute their time, money and talent.

Moreover, people are more inspired to follow others who do random acts of kindness or volunteering. This automatically causes a ripple effect throughout the society.

Research has also indicated that people who regularly volunteer have more self-confidence, humility, graciousness, gratitude and perform extremely well in challenging circumstances.

4. Volunteering increases your social connectivity.

Volunteering helps you connect with other like-minded people. You are able to have friends who share a common passion, values and beliefs. It helps you to make new friends in the neighborhood or community. It increases your friends and support network.

Children are great observers and so when they watch their parents volunteer, they learn an important life lesson of being selfless and doing things for others. This teaches them the joy and happiness of sharing and caring for others. There are some things that you cannot possibly teach your children except by showing them and volunteering is one such thing.

5. Volunteering gives you a sense of fulfillment in life.

If you have not volunteered earlier then you might find it different initially, but if you are diligent then soon you will start enjoying it. Volunteering brings out increased creativity, vision, motivation and most importantly selflessness in us. You learn to empathize and keep others before yourself.

In today’s selfish world, we are only bothered about our needs, our concerns and our future. We do not have the time and energy to stop and see around us. Volunteering helps us to be grateful to God for the good things that he has given us. As we appreciate the good things that have been bestowed upon us, we are also humbled to help those who need support around us.

6. Volunteering and helping others helps in increasing your lifespan.

Research has indicated that those who are involved in volunteering and doing selfless acts have a good and healthy life. These people are able to manage stress and keep diseases at bay. They are appreciative and grateful for small things in life and thus are able to lead a positive life.

Some of the areas of volunteering are listed below ;

  • Help elderly people in the neighborhood to run errands for them.
  • Read books or stories and chat with elderly people to remove their loneliness and give them your love and attention.
  • Children can volunteer to be a writer for blind students in their exams.
  • If you are good at cooking, bake some good delicacies for an orphanage.
  • If you are a teacher, you can volunteer your time to teach the underprivileged.
  • Visit those who are lonely and sick and pray for them.
  • You can also visit people who are ostracized like AIDS patients or those in prison and give them an inspiring or motivational talk.

It is said that volunteering for 2 to 3 hours a week is good enough to get started. Remember 100 hours of volunteering for a whole year will increase your physical, mental and social well being.

There will be ample opportunities for you to volunteer your time, money and energy in your neighborhood. Today make that wise choice of volunteering and you will see the positive impact it makes in your life.

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