Benefits Of Music Lessons

Benefits of Music lesson

In this article we talk about the Benefits of Music Lessons and How Music Lessons Boost Brain Development.

Why Children Should Learn Music

Music provides a child with the ability to better express himself and there is also a causal link between spatial intelligence and musical ability (the ability to perceive the world accurately and to form mental pictures of things). Providing music education to young children helps in the development of a child’s language and reasoning abilities. So you would ideally want your child to learn to play an instrument at a young age.

Music also helps your child develop life skills in the background.

Benefits of Music Lessons

  1. It teaches your child to be responsible.
  1. It teaches your child to succeed with self-discipline.
  1. They learn to effectively manage their time.
  1. It builds confidence and self-esteem.
  1. It Fosters creativity in your child.

One of the most important thing that a child learns is the importance of hard work, as only hard work and dedication will help them in achieving proficiency. As the saying goes

if you stick to something

 Learning music (music theory, memorizing certain music scores for concert performances) requires children to hone their concentration skill which is important as this skill can be exported and utilized in the completion of their schoolwork and in other areas of their life. When young children first take up music, they look at it as an exciting new adventure that they are about to embark upon and that provides the Positive Motivation required. However this lasts only for a couple of weeks, once the initial enthusiasm wears off, this can be compensated by disciplined practice schedules.

Kids love music

Music is obviously an interesting phenomenon in human life and has a deep effect on our psyche.

We all know that music can have an effect on our state of mind i.e.) It can pump us up and calm us down, it can make us happy or even sad depending on what the song is about.

If you are wondering who invented it, you may be surprised to learn that it was never really invented but has been around before recorded history began. As time continues to go on we can only speculate how music and human evolution will change, but we can safely assume that music will continue to be a part of human life.

I feel blessed because of music, I love it dearly and I thank the Lord for allowing me to do what I love. It is a gift and I will pass on that legacy to my young friends and students

God bless.

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  1. PDsouza 2 years ago

    I agree , my daughter started learning keyboard early and it has really helped her. Absolutely recommended for children to get into music early in life.

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