9 Benefits Of Fish Oil Supplements That You Should not Ignore

9 Benefits Of Fish Oil Supplements That You Should not Ignore

Amongst frequently consumed dietary supplements, fish oil often dominates the supplement aisle of most pharmacies with various brands being available. One small pill could be the powerhouse of nourishing omega-3 fatty acids which delivers plenty of benefits for your health. Fish oil supplements can be a powerful alternation of pure oily fish that you should include in your daily diet.

Here are some of the amazing benefits of fish oil supplements that are much-needed.

Benefits Of Fish Oil Supplements

1. Supports Your Heart

Research has shown that consuming the oil from fatty fish like salmon, herring, mackerel and sardines can help decrease the rate of various cardiovascular diseases. For example, it helps lower cholesterol levels and triglycerides.

The omega-3 essential fatty acids stored in fish oil are a key factor to nurture a healthy heart and reduce blood pressure, even with a small dose. Additionally, it may decrease the appearance of plaque, which are the main cause of hardened arteries. Therefore, you should replace your daily saturated fats with the fats in fatty fish, especially through your diet. In case the fish oil’s smell is troublesome, its supplements can be a good alternative for you. Though there are evidences of several heart benefits, the effectiveness of fish oil supplementation toward heart attacks and strokes are still uncertain. 

2. Treats certain Mental Disorders

In case you do not know, our brain is made up of nearly 60% fats, with the dominance of omega-3 fatty acids. In fact, there are certain records that mention that the amount of fatty acids in mental disorder challenged patients is often lower than in normal people. Hopefully, fish oil supplementation can help reduce the onset of psychotic disorder symptoms thanks to its nourishing omega-3 fatty acid content, according to several studies. In some cases, fish oil can alleviate some serious symptoms of schizophrenia and bipolar disorder with a high dose intake.

3. Improves Cognition and Mood

Research has shown that the brain function of people is reduced when they age. As a result, it leads to memory decline and Alzheimer’s disease. Fish oil supplementation can prevent brain shrinkage and optimize mental health, thereby boosting your mood and reducing your risk of depression. Having depression and anxiety in the long term is usually associated with having trouble during bedtime. You should have fish oil supplements with rich omega-3 fatty acids to help improve your sleep and boost the wind-down process.

4. Promotes Healthier Skin

Fish oil can be a great pleasure for your skin. Skin is the largest organ in the human body and contains a multitude of omega-3 fatty acids. As you age, your skin can also be affected. One of the easiest methods to slow down the aging process is by incorporating fish in your daily diet and taking fish oil supplements to maintain a radiant, glowing skin.

With just 3000 mg per day, fish oil and its supplement significantly reduce acne and spots, naturally protecting you from sun exposure and alleviating skin disorders such as psoriasis and dermatitis. At the same time, you should reduce your intake of omega-6 fatty acids, which are found in oily foods, junk foods and whole milk.

5. Supports Unborn Children and Their Early Life

Omega-3 fatty acids and vital DHA found in fish oil are crucial for the development of bone. Low levels of DHA may lead to lower weight in a newborn child. Therefore, pregnant and lactating women should take enough of this substance. The supplementation from fish oil can also enhance the coordination of hands and eyes in infants, thereby improving their vision and reducing their risk of allergies.

As a bonus, since omega-3 provides great benefits to the brain, fish oil supplements can also reduce the risk of behavioral disorders that usually occur in babies during the stage of learning. For example, it may reduce hyperactivity, aggressiveness, in-attention and other behavior.

6. Improves Bone Health

Omega-3 is a vital component for the growth of healthy bone and bone density. The occurrence of impaired bone or debilitating skeletal disease mainly derives from the loss of essential minerals, which reduces bone density. Typical types of fishes such as salmon, tuna and herring could provide a large amount of omega-3 fatty acids to reinforce bone solidity. The oil supplements of these fishes also contain essential proteins like calcium and vitamin D that reduce the risks of bone breakage and other related diseases, such as osteoporosis and osteoarthritis

7. Reduces Body Weight

When it comes to the benefits of fish oil supplements, losing weight is little-known. Some studies have indicated that fish oil supplements are used as an energy source. Thus, it helps obese people reduce weight. The result will be more beneficial if people properly combine taking fish oil supplements with a suitable diet plan and exercise regime. Fish oil supplementation is shown to help improve body composition and prevent type-2 diabetes, cancer, and some heart diseases, which commonly emerge within obesity.

8. Supports Eye Health

 The essentiality of omega-3 fats for the human eyes and brain is almost alike. Omega-3s plays as an important part of the eye structure, supports eye health, reduces levels of cortical cataracts and improves vision in the old age effectively. Age-related macular degeneration often happens in elder people with declining vision. Fortunately, the symptoms of this condition can be reduced by consuming a high dose of fish oil for a few months, according to a study.

9. Reduces Inflammation

 If you suffer from any kind of health problems related to inflammation, consider fish oil supplements as a readily available item in your first-aid kit. Thanks to the anti-inflammatory properties, fish oil can slow down the production of inflammatory molecules called cytokines, thereby lessening chronic diseases related to heart and bowel issues. Moreover, it especially relieves the symptoms of rheumatoid arthritis and bronchitis.

On the other hand, the ability to reduce cellular inflammation of fish oil also helps to alleviate joint pain, stiffness and debilitating migraines. Therefore, you do not need to rely on any costly pain relievers. In many studies, fish oil is also credited to prevent and kill various types of cancer, including colon, prostate and breast cancer.

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