Benefits of a Power Nap

Benefits of a Power Nap

We are all aware of the benefits of sleep in our life. A good sleep is an important aspect in leading a healthy life. Sleep experts say that habitual sleeping or napping helps in boosting health. Here we talk about the Benefits of a Power Nap in great detail and also give you information on How to take a power nap, How long is a power nap etc. We conclude with the best way to take a 30-minute power nap.

There are basically 3 broad categories of naps, viz a habitual nap, a preparatory nap and an emergency nap.

Habitual napping is also called as a power nap, which is the practice of sleeping at the same time every day.

Preparatory naps are planned to prepare your body for more sleeplessness in future. For e.g., you would like to take a good nap before you travel on a long flight as you know that there would be an extended period of time without sleep.

Emergency napping is falling asleep due to exhaustion. Many of us are so stressed out with the lack of sleep that we fall asleep during our travel time or at any other time when there is not much activity. This is not a good sign as the body is showing signs that you need sleep.

The National Sleep Foundation is a recognized authority on sleep and they highly recommend a power nap of 30 minutes in the day to boost alertness and performance. Any sleep that is more than 30 minutes will leave you with a slight groggy feeling and inertia. So a power nap of 30 minutes or little less in a day is highly recommended to give you the much-needed break and rest.

Benefits of a Power Nap

1. Your memory gets a boost and you perform much better.

A Power Nap helps in boosting your memory thereby helping you to perform better. The research was conducted on Pilots and Astronauts on the benefits of a power nap and they found that after a power nap, their efficiency and alertness increase by more than 34 percent instantly. Post a Power Nap, You also make much fewer mistakes and avoid wrong decisions.

Another research showed that when students took a Power Nap their memory and alertness improved drastically. It further states that taking a nap helps in clearing information from your brain’s temporary storage area and makes a place for new ideas and information.

2. Power Nap helps you to recharge and boosts your mood.

We all will agree that sleep definitely helps us feel more energized and alert. A small Power Nap will help us enhance our motor skills and attention ability.

Doctors and sleep experts advise a small power nap rather than continuously sipping coffee to keep the mind alert. A power nap is a natural way of boosting and reviving your energy.

3. Power Nap helps you to be more happy and creative.

A small Power Nap of around 30 minutes or less will help you to feel refreshed and happy. Research has also indicated that a small Power Nap helps in boosting the right side of the brain, which is responsible for creativity.

4. Power Nap helps in eating less junk food and controlling weight.

Researchers have indicated that when you are sleep deprived, you make impulsive decisions and have food cravings. In order to keep yourself alert and active, you are impulsively attracted towards junk food. This wrong eating habit leads to weight gain.

Further research has also indicated that regular power naps help in feeling full and also reduces hunger pangs. If you are in the regular habit of taking a power nap then you will stay healthy in the long run.

5. Power Nap helps you to overcome stress and burnout.

Power Nap gives your body the much-needed rest intervals. This helps the body to rest and recuperate. In today’s world of stressed lifestyles, we have very little time for ourselves. People who have the habit of taking Power Naps are found to be happier and do not get burned out easily. It further helps in enhancing the performance and productivity.

Power Nap also helps in lowering tension and decreasing the risk of heart diseases. Try and take a power nap after lunch, i.e., anytime between 1 pm to 3 pm as it is an optimal time for a Power Nap.

Some tips for helping you to get a good Power Nap.

  • Cultivate the habit to take a power nap at the same time of the day, every day.
  • Set an alarm so that you are not worried about oversleeping and getting up groggy.
  • Avoid sleeping for long as it will give you sleep inertia and leads to tiredness and a groggy feeling.
  • Choose the right time of the day (approximately between 1 pm to 3 pm) for around 30 minutes or so for a power nap.
  • Practice taking a power nap every day at the same time. Initially, it might be difficult but if you keep practicing, then this is one good habit that you can develop in life.

We would like you to try the power nap and see how you feel about it. Many people who have tried short power naps have found a positive difference in their lives. Power naps have helped to boost their memory and alertness. It has also helped them in effective decision making.

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