Home Cleaning Schedule

Home Cleaning Schedule

Do you feel like you do not know how and where to start when the home cleaning schedule arrives? This is a normal thing, especially if you have a big house and is cluttered everywhere. Organizing a big space is such a challenge if you are doing it alone. Most mom’s and even single individual’s find it difficult to clean the whole house by themselves. This is usually because of the overwhelming amount of tasks that needs to get done. 

Having a list of “to do” things during your cleaning schedule can help you get things done within the day. It can also lessen the stress that you feel. The first thing that you need to do before you start cleaning is to list down the things that you need to do from your bedroom and also the other parts of the house To give you a head start, here are some tips you can use for your home cleaning schedule:

Home Cleaning Schedule

 Make Your Bed as Soon as You Get Up

Begin your clean up from your bedroom. Once you get up in the morning, start making your bed and you will realize how motivated you will get by completing this activity. This will give you the perfect mood to do the other chores waiting to get done. You do not have to wait until breakfast is over for you to start cleaning up. There are still other things that need to be done, so it is practical to fix your bedroom before you go out and have your coffee. 

Clean Dirty Dishes

Studies have shown that there is a correlation between cleaning dirty dishes and feeling calm and relaxed. This is because of the fact that washing dirty dishes helps you to eliminate the clutter in the kitchen. When you start seeing that the sink is clear, you will also start feeling more peaceful. You can add this as one of the first things that you  need to do on your clean up day. Dirty dishes in the sink do not make a good view. You need to eliminate it before you start with the other chores.

Wipe Down Your Coffee Table and Side Tables during Breaks

Even if you clean every day, you will still not be able to completely eliminate the dirt and dust on your coffee table and side table. This is why you need to regularly wipe it alongwith the other items you find on top of it. The importance of eliminating dust on your table should never be underestimated because your health is also placed at risk if you do not do this.

Clean your Countertops of Clutter

With all the activities happening in the kitchen and the living room, it is not easy to get away from the clutter in the countertop. This is why it also needs your attention during your clean up schedule. The most important thing that you need to do is to make sure that all things are in its proper place and also try to eliminate all the clutter you find. Organizing the things in the kitchen is very important. This will save you time while looking for things you need when you cook, eat or do other stuff. Put everything back in its rightful place and wipe the countertop.

 Sweep Kitchen Floors

Sweeping the kitchen floor should also be a regular thing because this is the part of the house where most of the activities are taking place. As you cook and prepare meals, you are also contributing to the dirt found under the table or just anywhere on the kitchen floor. With this, you should make sure that you are sweeping it properly. This way, you will also be able to avoid permanent marks on the floor that make it look dirty.

Keep Baskets in Every Room

The reason for all the clutter in different rooms inside the home is an ineffective organizing strategy. With all the packaging that comes with the products that we purchase, it is impossible to totally eliminate trash and dirt in all the rooms. However, there is a way for you to reduce the dirt in your house. You should keep baskets not only in the kitchen but also in the different rooms in the house.

 Sanitize Sponges

The sponges that you use in washing dirty dishes and in cleaning up other stuff at home also need your attention. These are part of the things that you use every day. Since these are being used in cleaning, you should also sanitize them regularly. This is the best way for you to maintain the safety of your family.

Maintaining the cleanliness of your home should be one of your priorities. The safety of your family is dependent on the condition of your home. Even with your busy schedule at work, you always need to find time for cleaning. The best way to do this is to choose the best day in the week to be your regular cleaning schedule.

Hope you enjoyed this article  7 Handy Tips for Your Home Cleaning Schedule.

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