7 Best Foods For Beautiful Teeth

7 Best Foods For Beautiful teeth

If you are of the opinion that brushing your teeth twice a day is going to be a sure-shot way to prevent your teeth from getting destroyed, you are mistaken. Though brushing, alongwith flossing plays a significant role, the kind of diet you maintain is also equally important. In this post we talk about the 7 Best Foods For Beautiful Teeth.

7 Best Foods For Beautiful Teeth

A list of the best foods to be consumed for beautiful teeth are:


Cheese, being a dairy product, is a commendable source of many vital nutrients like phosphorus, calcium and essential proteins, which not only provides strength to your teeth but also makes them whiter. The erosion of teeth enamel is normal with age, but ingestion of cheese reduces the rate and also helps in building lost enamel. Thus, teeth get stronger.


The biggest advantage of having yogurt is the large number of beneficial bacteria present in them, called probiotics. They counteract the harmful effects of the innocuous bacteria present in the mouth, which is responsible for teeth destruction.

Leafy greens

Green leafy vegetables are a rich source of fiber, which removes tooth surface deposits. They are also abundant in minerals, which are instrumental in increasing the strength of the teeth by enhancing the internal structure. Erosion caused by excessive production of acids is also prevented.


Apples have a high content of fiber and water, which not only removes debris by abrasion but also helps in washing them out. The presence of malic acid in apples is used to stimulate the production of more amount of saliva, which not only washes out debris and have antibacterial properties but also has a neutralizing effect on the acids in the mouth which cause destruction.


Chewy food substances like carrots instigate you to chew more profusely to break it down, which subsequently leads to production of more saliva. This saliva is majorly alkaline in nature, neutralizing whatever acids are produced and helps in fighting tooth decay.


It is a rich source of iron, which plays a significant role in preventing stains on the teeth by polishing the surface. Acid erosion is also prevented due to the same reason. Other nutrients like magnesium and phosphorus help in making the teeth stronger.


They are abrasive and thus prevent stains and debris from latching onto the teeth. The omega-3 fatty acids reduce the risk of gum infection and alongwith other essential oils maintain the glow of the teeth, making them look clean in the process.

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Food that you should avoid

Eating food that is healthy for your teeth also sometimes may not be enough. You have to stop eating some foods as well, mainly the ones which cause more harm than good. A list of few of them are-

Saltine crackers

It is not sticky sugar that causes more harm to your teeth. The good old saltine cracker is as responsible. The reason being that it is made up of simple starch, which is very easy to break down by bacteria which utilizes it for their nutrition and multiplication.

Goldfish crackers

Not only does it stick to the tooth surface to give a shoddy and unhygienic look, but the stickiness also contributes to it being available to be broken down by bacteria, which in turn produces harmful acids.

Sugar-free soda

The biggest myth of the food industry is that sugar-free soda is not harmful to the teeth as the sugar aspect of it is eliminated. Soda is equally harmful to the teeth, mainly because it is acidic in nature.

Sports drinks

Sports drinks may give you the necessary energy but the acidic content in it is harmful to your teeth, especially on prolonged exposure.

Dried fruits

Though the health benefits of dried fruits are many, they tend to stick to the tooth surface making it the perfect snack for bacteria. Rinsing your mouth thoroughly is one way of avoiding the damage.


Many people like to drink kombucha, mainly because of the high probiotic content but the truth is that it makes the topmost enamel layer weak, which chips off during brushing. This is attributed to its acidic nature.

Lemon water

Adding a dash of lime to water and tea may sound very refreshing, but again the acid that is present in lemon is equally damaging and starts showing its effect on increased consumption.

Now that you have a list of what to eat and what to avoid inorder to have healthy and beautiful teeth, the path to achieve the same will be a lot easier.

Hope you have enjoyed reading this article on the 7 Best Foods For Beautiful Teeth.

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