6 Ways to Keep Your Kids Busy During School Holidays

6 Ways to Keep Your Kids Busy During School Holidays

Keeping your kids busy during the school holidays is no easy task. It doesn’t take long to run out of ideas on how to keep them occupied, and they soon get bored doing the same things over and over again. Here are a few fun ways to keep your kids busy so that you don’t end up counting down the days till they are back at school.

Make a Treasure Hunt.

Making a treasure hunt for your kids can be lots of fun and can keep them occupied all day. Keep it simple by creating a list of things they need to find around the house or extend it to the local neighbourhood. If you want to go all out, think up clues to send them to different places to pick up the next clue, ending up at home with a surprise or the last clue being tickets to go and see a movie the next day. You can even come up with a theme for the treasure hunt!

Get Baking.

Kids love baking, especially when they get to decorate their cakes however they want to. Use different flavours of cake mix; chocolate, strawberry and vanilla are always winners. Make the same three flavours of icing as well and your kids can mix and match different flavours together.

Get to the store and make sure you have plenty of sprinkles to decorate the cakes with. You can even get some sugar paste and different shaped cutters and get them to make their own decorations. This will keep them busy for hours and they will end up learning at the same time too!

Have a BBQ with Friends.

Arranging a BBQ with friends is a great way of keeping your kids busy during the school holidays. They can help you prepare and set up and once everyone arrives, they can have their own fun with the other kids.

Getting your kids to help prepare marinades is a good way of keeping them busy, and they’ll have fun mixing the ingredients together and coating the meat. It’s best to keep kids away from the grill whilst you’re cooking, and make sure you’ve explained to them about gas grill safety beforehand.

Build a Fort.

It’s an oldie but a goody! Kids love making forts (and adults do too) so they will have loads of fun doing this. Using your imagination, you can build a castle and be a king with hundreds of knights at their disposal, or a camp of outlaws hiding out in the woods, or a princess on the run from her ghastly keepers! Be creative with the materials you are using, but blankets and sheets are a fail-safe. If you’ve never tried your hand at fort building, take a look at this guide.

Have a Picnic.

Plan a picnic; you can do it together or invite friends and family. Get your kids to think of what they want to take on the picnic with them and ask them to help make a yummy spread!

They can help make sandwiches and different snacks. Make sure you take plenty of games with you, to keep the kids occupied. If it’s raining, never fear! You can always spread out your picnic blanket inside and have just as much fun indoors.

Create Some Art.

Bring out the artistic side of your kids by creating some art for your home. Invest in some paints and canvases and get them to set it up outside or in the kitchen, so that any mess is easily cleaned up. They will have loads of fun creating art for their bedrooms and the other rooms of the house, and they will be pleased to see it up on the wall!

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Author : This article is written by Brittnay Sharman from www.thenutbutterhub.com



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