5 Reasons Why Music is important for Child Development

5 Reasons Why Music is important for child development

Almost everyone in this world enjoys music. Kids, adults and elderly people might have different opinions and likings about the music, but almost everyone enjoys listening to good music. Researchers have proved that music has positive effects on children’s brain. There was a time that almost every school used to run music education programs for the students.

Even parents used to encourage their kids to take music lessons. Today, the scenario is not the same. Most of the schools are giving more emphasis on academic studies, and as a result, the trend of giving music lessons in schools is fading away. Well, this is not the right thing to do. Music besides being enjoyable, have lots of other benefits also.

Today everything has come down to benefits? People do ask what their child would learn from being exposed to music?

Several kinds of research have been done to understand the relation between music and childhood development. It has been found that music helps in

  • Enhancing language skills in kids: Left side of the brain is responsible for reasoning and processing of language. Studies have shown that the left side of the brain was found to be more developed in case of kids who are undergoing musical training.
  • Improves kid’s listening skills: Kids while learning music needs to hear themselves as well as others. To learn music, they listen to the tune, tempo, harmonies, and dynamics with concentration. This further helps in their auditory development. A musician is in a better position to understand the hidden meaning and other elements in any kind of surrounding sound.
  • Develop self-esteem: When kids start mastering in any type of music, be it singing or playing an instrument, they start experimenting with their skills. This helps in increasing their confidence. Moreover, in the case of group learning, kids start appreciating each other. This sense of acceptance plays a very important role in building self-esteem in children.
  • Enhancing Mathematics skills: Learning a rhythm involves counting notes. While learning music kids learn about types of notes, i.e. quarter, half and whole. They basically come under mathematics fractions. Moreover, through musical notes, they also learn to understand different patterns at a very early stage.
  • Making the brain work harder: While singing a song or playing an instrument, a musician has to take care of various things at a time. This includes keeping track of rhythm, referring notes, keep track of tempo, etc. This means a musician’s brain has to do multitasking while learning or playing music. Studies have shown that the growth of neural activity is more in kids who are taking musical training.
  • Development in creative thinking: Music is an art which gives kids an opportunity to be creative. It needs craftsmanship to make good music. To be a good musician, a kid will think outside the box. This helps in developing some of the most important skills- Innovation and creativeness in kids. This creative not only help kids in the field of music but also helps them in their academic field. Kids learn the importance of originality. Individuals with a sense of creativity and innovation are highly preferred at workplaces.
  • Increases IQ: Studies have proved that music helps in the overall development of the brain. Students involved in a music education program found to have more IQ than kids who do not take such training. In fact, in many cases, the test scores of kids learning high-quality music are found to be higher than other kids of their class.
  • Music can develop spatial intelligence: Learning music has found to increase a kid’s memory and spatial intelligence. Music helps kids to understand this world in a better way
  • Responsible risk-taking: While giving any kind of stage performance a kid undergoes the feeling of fear and anxiety. This help kids to learn how to overcome these feelings and give their best performance. As a result, at the very early stage of life, children learn how to be successful by overcoming all fears and anxiety.

Music learning session not only help in kid’s brain development, but it also helps in reducing stress and relaxing body, mind, and soul. Today’s where kids have so much mental pressure of academic studies and tough competition.

Music can act as a getaway to release all this mental pressure and freshen up their minds.Even by simply listening to good music can help kids in lifting their moods. Similarly practicing music give kids a sense of calmness and fulfilling.

Many parents do understand the importance of music and make sure their kids involved in some music activity. This is done either by enrolling their kids to some musical learning programs or by arranging private tuition’s.

Author Bio:

Curtis Dean writes on behalf of Sage Music School where they base lessons on the science and research of the psychology of learning. Their effective teaching methods create confident and capable students who enjoy the happiness of making music.


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